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Who Dreams Of Sleeping Sheep

The cyberpunk genre of science fiction explored the moral and ethical dilemmas of humans creating conscious machines and even becoming hybrid biosynthetics. Philip K. Dick gave us “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,” and the Blade Runner movies were born. Ian Watson gave us “Whores of Babylon,” which described how we can live in a simulated reality and forget that we are part of a computer program.

Now the idea that humanity can become “enhanced” through synthetic and electric modifications is within our technological grasp. Efforts have redoubled to create a working artificial intelligence (AI) after another winter of obstacles has thawed with fresh ideas.

And yet, these efforts have only challenged our idea of what it means to be human and, more importantly, what it means to live a human life.

We have played out various scenarios through books and movies of how robots can be the best of what humanity has to offer (think of Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation). We have also explored how machines can enslave or destroy humanity in the Matrix and Terminator. Battlestar Galactica made it clear that the tendency to want to create Pinocchio is wired into us just as much as what we wire, and is a cyclic inevitability. But these explorations only point to one fact – that we are grappling with our own identity as the human race.

Because we still do not know who or why we are, we aim to discover ourselves through our creation of synthetic consciousness. In seeking to create life in our likeness, we are only seeking to better understand ourselves. Is this not obvious?

One of the key definitions of artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability to repair or improve itself. But, isn’t that what we do as humans? Are we trying to create a better version of ourselves by investing in AI research? If so, what is wrong with us now? Or, is the desire to birth so powerful that we are willing to die for it?

Companies like Google are funneling serious cash into AI research. DARPA is building killer robot dogs. And, some engineers want to hook our brains into a “cloud” under the pretexts of expanding our smarts. The dangers of human extinction after creating a self-aware life form are pretty clear, and the risks of not being able to control the rapid evolution of what we create are quite high. Still, research perseveres, as if taunting our fate. Only a small fraction of the population is informed about what is going on with this research, and the rest are going about their lives as if – literally – there is no tomorrow.

It seems that our need to procreate is also a need to create, to feel like creators that give life. Is this not an important clue into who we really are? I do not believe that this is simple arrogance, just as I don’t believe that we have babies out of arrogance. There is something more going on here, something deeper that rubs at the root of our reason for being.

We learn by looking in the mirror. Our lives are the ultimate hall of mirrors, revealing us to ourselves day by day. And yet, we have forgotten to look for reflections and believe that we see absolute others.

At this time, humanity lacks the most important skill yet – empathy, or the ability to be conscious of another’s perspective. Once a critical mass of empathy ignites, everything will change. We will cry at the hurts we have caused as if we have experienced these hurts at our own hands, and we will listen as if we are the ones talking. Until we can empathize with our human kind, animals, rocks, and trees, and other types of consciousness interacting with our plane, we dare not create yet another potentially alien consciousness. If we do, it will reflect our ignorance to know another’s perspective – our perspective. It will reflect our current lack of empathy.

Wisdom lies in doing things because they are timely and right, and not simply because we can. Just as the participants in the Manhattan Project expressed great regret in creating a nuclear bomb, those now pushing the AI envelope will feel the same regret when they succeed. And the rest of humanity will live with the careless decisions of the few.

Truth vs. Our Role as Truth

People say: “If it’s not simple, it can’t be truth. Truth is simple.” Some truth is simple, like living a life of surrender to the Divine. But not all truth is simple – by far. By writing this article, I am holding back a lot. Some will think this is some New Age drivel, perhaps. But New Age has distorted much information – like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle scattered on a table, and the people who spread disinformation have simply misinterpreted their experiences or copied and propagated someone else’s misinterpretations.

Most people feel enough complexity just surviving day-to-day. This is most of the human race. A small fraction is dabbling in trying to control our reality without fully understanding what they are doing – magik, mediumship, channeling, etc. Such people are quick to speak about their advanced states and exclusivity of their abilities, but so what? The fact remains that any manipulation of forces that are interconnected with others creates consequences.

My experience is that we live in a highly complex universe with many levels of interactions among many types of beings, including the beings on earth, planets, and stars. What we consider living sentient beings, on average, is too limited at this time. While the Truth of our reality is very complex and mindblowing, our role in Truth – in Life – is very simple (e.g., loving, pure, and detached service of whatever we can offer). We can focus on opening our hearts and our minds to the richness of existence while contributing our unique creativity and willingness to help. This is simple, which is why it is far from easy.

There are boundaries set by karmic law for which levels of beings are able and allowed to interact. Our Earth is only one planet with life among myriads of planets, but we are not that evolved (relatively speaking). Advanced races on the Light path, who abide by karmic law, do not come near us – they do not because we are primarily out of range of their consciousness – like a mosquito appears to a human. However, advanced races who have taken the dark path have no problem interfering with our evolution and adding to the chaos we ourselves have already caused.

There are non-human guardians posted to protect us from external interference, for we are still too self-absorbed to fully do that for ourselves. However, there are occasional bleedthroughs of alien consciousness that mixes with ours. It is my understanding that this premature mixing is not uncommon, but it does add complexity. Such guardians see our human race from the perspective of the One Spirit, of which we are fragments – they do not interact with individuals who have not reached that perspective or get involved in the minutia of our daily events.

Telling apart which information comes from which sources can only be done by a person who has reached the evolutionary level of these sources. Such people exist, but are very few. Most are still stuck in the false (lower level) light of the Astral plane, which is similar to a reflection in water full of ripples and waves. Even this “stuckness” is a normal part of the evolution of a race, as it is training people to feel beyond the physical – even if without clarity.

Some people have evolved to the point of sensing and even participating in our broader reality with clear discernment. Such people are literally invisible as Masters – you can walk by one and never know who they truly are, and they won’t tell you what they really do. That is OK too. It is all part of the stage at which we find ourselves.

While we all love interesting stories and ideas, would it be too much to accept that we don’t have a first-hand clear experience of Reality? Or, does it require too much humbleness to admit that we are ignorant of how our Reality fits together and plays out?

Would it be too much to ask that we stop looking for someone else to tell us what will happen tomorrow, and – instead – focus 100% on giving each and every day to surrender to the One Life that we are?

Would it be too much to say that, right now, most of us are in the role of taking out the trash after a messy party – on many levels, and to embrace that role with a humble heart?

The loud ones with loud claims of grandiosity are distracting those who could just as easily be involved in the cleanup role – of our bodies, our emotions and minds, our planet, and the Astral Plane…. How? Just wake up every morning and immediately ask “How can I serve today?” – the opportunities will present themselves, even if it is to serve your own true needs. This kind of keeping it real is not for the overly intellectual or the ultraspiritual because it requires the rolling up of sleeves and a strong nose for strong smell. That’s pretty simple, but far from easy for those who want to keep pretending profound transformation is easy.

How Can We Heal Our Selves and Our Relationship to Earth?

The Earth has been here, providing a home for beings who are barely conscious of her body under their feet and her breath in the air.

A few people hold the power to affect the day-to-day lives of the many – controlling resources, jobs, wages, and how goods and services can be acquired. However, the many do control the long-term future of the planet – their voices and will, when joined, can activate a power for unity at our most fundamental level – as the entire human race.

And yet, the many are bogged down by what each needs and wants, the few control the fear for survival, and the planet is there too – sensing our mass consciousness and interpreting it from its planetary view. Even the stuff of matter, the plants, and the animals, perceive us from their own perspective – and we them. From atom to planet – all is alive and interconnected. Nothing is dead or isolated, regardless of the vantage point. And all our perspectives interact in nonobvious and powerful ways.

More and more human beings are awakening to the need to coexist with Earth, animals, plants, the demands of technologies, and each other in balance. More and more people are waking up to the reality that how we live now and use the Earth’s gifts cannot last. And many carry guilt – conscious or unconscious – about their lack of action and the need to do more, ti support sime collective effort to finally bring about global cooperation. 

But it’s not that easy. What are the right actions to take by nations, groups, and individuals? How would we know these are the right actions? How will we agree on what to do at various scales? And how will the masses rise up despite the constant pressures of international and interpersonal conflicts, and unmet basic needs – hunger, thirst, squalor, lack of personal safety, and lack of freedom to ones perspective on life?

Wise men and women have come and gone, but not without leaving us troves of teachings about rising to being Love for all Life and about the fact that we are more than self-focused lumps of flesh, emotions, and thoughts – we have the ability to move our consciousness to different scales and vantage points of existence, from substomic life to cosmic scales to interdimensional awareness and participation. This flexibility of consciousness is why the human condition is unique and filled with so much potential.

At the current scale of the Earth’s population and with the complex dynamics among nations, it is unlikely that there will be one leader that will deliver a plan for how to cooperate with and care for the Earth and all of us. Even a collective of leaders of different nations, such as the UN, do not have a global plan that people know about. Still, the few are playing chess on a global chess board and treating the rest of the population as uninformed and disposable pawns. 

Ask anyone you meet – do they know what the plan is to get back in balance with Earth’s ecosystems and resources that serve us? They will not know what you are talking about, let alone know what part is ours to play. They may even say “it’s complicated…”. The bottom line is that all the crossnational, group, and individual agendas are clashing and no common strands have emerged to guide us collectively toward stabilizing and thriving responsibly in all our lives. Without unity in fundamental truths of living, caring for one another, and intelligently managing what we have, we will remain but flotsam and jetsam in stormy waters. 

So, how do we break through the perceived barriers of nations, race, gender, physical characteristics, and the belief that struggle for survival is fundamental? On what basis do we unite while preserving our unique and true qualities, which are our birthright?

I believe that people are not having enough of the right conversations right now. And a “right conversation” is about finding common ground without invading even with our thoughts and words. 

Our politicians are incapable of such conversations because they carry the belief that there is an “us” and a “them”. But if you directly talk to many regular people across nations, you will learn that they hold a unifying wish toward peace and goodwill toward mankind, being treated with respect by all, and a general view that harmlessness (lack of ill will) is needed more than ever across the globe. The energies of dominance, manipulation, withholding or hoarding, invasion of someone’s personal space, verbal and physical violence, indifference to consequences in relationships, and the fight to be “right” powered by self- absorbed intention are harmful to our intricate web of Life and disrupt the Life stream.

As individuals, few of us are harmless. It is ingrained in us that people will hurt us and take from us if we do not protect what’s ours. It is assumed that we will fight for superiority and win, or die. And that mentality stemmingbfrom fear is at the root of our dilemma of proactively seeking conflict. The harm we can do is more than physical – it starts as thought and will, it is fueled by emotion, and justified by a mind not yet trained to see how we are responsible for our relationships.

As individuals, we can start now to cultivate harmlessness for all Life – as much as current circumstances permit. We will still need to defend ourselves when threatened or mistreated while in transition, but our focus will be on doing no harm more of the time than planning an attack out of greed and envy. 

The good news is that not every person must become harmless at the root – only a critical mass of people. And then, the new paradigm will spread like wildfire across the globe – burning violence, greed, and corruption in its wake to ash.

We don’t really need middle-men and women anymore to tell us that we must live with Love and intelligent consideration of others – that message has been given and repeated over and over. We just need to make this paradigm shift our routine, until we begin to dream about it – that’s when you know you own it. Perhaps we can take responsibilty for reminding ourselves when we forget, and just calmly pick up where we left off. Perhaps we should aim yo learn the truth about other cultures and belief systems, and focus on what we share to build constructive relationships. Perhaps we should train outselves to see past agendas and propagandas and cultivate our truth-meter, which will train us toward no harm.

Our hearts hold all the power. In oppressive political climates (such as where I came from), we can hold our hearts secret and stay true. We can engage in daily conversations that focus on others and not just our own woes. We can always be prepared to serve another, who is in need, and in any way we can. And we keep doing this over and over, learning to see humanity as our nation and race.

This is the revolution and the call to action for those who are ready. We each take individual responsibility for harmlessness and service across the globe – just acting as individuals in our circle of influence, and that movement will transform into a power of a tsunami to influence those who are still stuck and remove them from power. We will need to unlearn many things, and stay humble and open to not being all-knowing.

Cultivating harmlessness is so fundamental that it brings forth many other gifts, such as communicating without arguing or shutting down, empathy for another’s perspective enriching our own, the ability to adopt a stance of collaboration, and a general feeling of happiness. Without harmlessness, these other gifts are impossible in their true and pure form. 

The action is clear – we need to mature as individuals:

  • Practice considering others and eliminate all traces of harmful will from yourself. No one needs 100% on this either – but only enough.
  • Have new, different, and supportive conversations with others.

You can do this in whatever regime you live in – no one can own your heart or fault you for caring. Have this practice on your mind every day and learn to dream about it. Then, watch the world transform from the ground up as new global paradigms emerges to no longer  threaten others or the planet. 

And what outcome do we hope for as we participate? Groups at all scales will be able to discuss and agree on courses of action to identify and do what needs to be done, which will allow all to:

  • Live without fear
  • Be fed, clothed, have safe shelter, and medical care
  • Have time to experience and reflect on the beauty of life
  • Relax into a mode of creativity that expresses each unique being, group, or nation
  • Explore who and what we truly are and enjoy the enrichment this brings of how we perceive Life
  • Love beyond the emotional state and learn from one another
  • Have fundamental and unquestioned respect for all Life

This will take time, as all important things do. It all depends on how many participate and their diligence. The practice of harmlessness is even more precious and attainable than enlightenment and transformation – it is paramount…..