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Truth vs. Our Role as Truth

People say: “If it’s not simple, it can’t be truth. Truth is simple.” Some truth is simple, like living a life of surrender to the Divine. But not all truth is simple – by far. By writing this article, I am holding back a lot. Some will think this is some New Age drivel, perhaps. But New Age has distorted much information – like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle scattered on a table, and the people who spread disinformation have simply misinterpreted their experiences or copied and propagated someone else’s misinterpretations.

Most people feel enough complexity just surviving day-to-day. This is most of the human race. A small fraction is dabbling in trying to control our reality without fully understanding what they are doing – magik, mediumship, channeling, etc. Such people are quick to speak about their advanced states and exclusivity of their abilities, but so what? The fact remains that any manipulation of forces that are interconnected with others creates consequences.

My experience is that we live in a highly complex universe with many levels of interactions among many types of beings, including the beings on earth, planets, and stars. What we consider living sentient beings, on average, is too limited at this time. While the Truth of our reality is very complex and mindblowing, our role in Truth – in Life – is very simple (e.g., loving, pure, and detached service of whatever we can offer). We can focus on opening our hearts and our minds to the richness of existence while contributing our unique creativity and willingness to help. This is simple, which is why it is far from easy.

There are boundaries set by karmic law for which levels of beings are able and allowed to interact. Our Earth is only one planet with life among myriads of planets, but we are not that evolved (relatively speaking). Advanced races on the Light path, who abide by karmic law, do not come near us – they do not because we are primarily out of range of their consciousness – like a mosquito appears to a human. However, advanced races who have taken the dark path have no problem interfering with our evolution and adding to the chaos we ourselves have already caused.

There are non-human guardians posted to protect us from external interference, for we are still too self-absorbed to fully do that for ourselves. However, there are occasional bleedthroughs of alien consciousness that mixes with ours. It is my understanding that this premature mixing is not uncommon, but it does add complexity. Such guardians see our human race from the perspective of the One Spirit, of which we are fragments – they do not interact with individuals who have not reached that perspective or get involved in the minutia of our daily events.

Telling apart which information comes from which sources can only be done by a person who has reached the evolutionary level of these sources. Such people exist, but are very few. Most are still stuck in the false (lower level) light of the Astral plane, which is similar to a reflection in water full of ripples and waves. Even this “stuckness” is a normal part of the evolution of a race, as it is training people to feel beyond the physical – even if without clarity.

Some people have evolved to the point of sensing and even participating in our broader reality with clear discernment. Such people are literally invisible as Masters – you can walk by one and never know who they truly are, and they won’t tell you what they really do. That is OK too. It is all part of the stage at which we find ourselves.

While we all love interesting stories and ideas, would it be too much to accept that we don’t have a first-hand clear experience of Reality? Or, does it require too much humbleness to admit that we are ignorant of how our Reality fits together and plays out?

Would it be too much to ask that we stop looking for someone else to tell us what will happen tomorrow, and – instead – focus 100% on giving each and every day to surrender to the One Life that we are?

Would it be too much to say that, right now, most of us are in the role of taking out the trash after a messy party – on many levels, and to embrace that role with a humble heart?

The loud ones with loud claims of grandiosity are distracting those who could just as easily be involved in the cleanup role – of our bodies, our emotions and minds, our planet, and the Astral Plane…. How? Just wake up every morning and immediately ask “How can I serve today?” – the opportunities will present themselves, even if it is to serve your own true needs. This kind of keeping it real is not for the overly intellectual or the ultraspiritual because it requires the rolling up of sleeves and a strong nose for strong smell. That’s pretty simple, but far from easy for those who want to keep pretending profound transformation is easy.

Where Do the Evil Things Go?

For many years, I studied the source of evil. So far, I learned that human energy – emotional, mental, and sexual – eventually funnels itself into semi-aware entities that begin to play. In other words, people create the energetic ego soup in which we take a daily swim. Evil is one of the forms our collective energy can take.

What is evil? At its most fundamental level, I see evil as a lack of connection to life. It can take on forms of brutal and barbarous acts, but these are only the faces of something more fundamental. Evil can also appear very beautiful, powerful, and enticing. At some point, most Lightbearers will be tempted and must reach deep into their being for discernment.

Furthermore, there are entities beyond our dimension that occasionally reach in – I do not know their true purpose because I decided not to empathize with their alien consciousness at this time. One thing that’s clear is that our invisible world is pervasive.

But it doesn’t stop there. Some entities start to move about our planet and cooperate with people’s psyches to attempt use people to exact chaos and darkness. 

Lightbearers have been there as long as history, quietly balancing energies at various scales of existence.

Some Lightbearers do not need to do as much as they need to be. Many Ascended Masters maintain presence on/near the Earth just to keep the darkness at bay and maximize positive shifts at every opportunity to make light more available. Some say that without the presence of these Masters, our world would not last minutes. However, doing is also important because it is impossible to express love fully without grounding it on the planet. Those who are and those who do cooperate and learn from one another. Light-borne action must take place and manifest.

Lightbearers live a humble existence because they are no longer interested in contributing to the ego currents pervading lives. They do not scramble for fame, attention, or affirmation from others. They live, connect to others, and share a fundamental self-love. They don’t need a title, followers, or status. They can organize to work at various levels, on a spectrum of be-ers to do-ers, physical and on other levels. 

Lightbearers are not recruited. Instead, they make a heartfelt commitment early in life and find their teachers as soon as they are ready. One candle lights another, but no two candles are the same. The teacher reveals only a bit at a time because some things must be learned well before others. But the true teacher also knows and honors the student’s needs and potential. What we can be taught is such a small fraction of what we must learn, and we learn in the midst of our own lives. We must walk in the wilderness and encounter all sorts of beings and events to learn who we are, and who we are not. 

Books are helpful in presenting what is possible or reminding us what we already know or giving us new ideas for ways to relate to life. However, books cannot really teach – one must live their life after reading and periodically receive support from a teacher. Otherwise, there is a danger of no learning happening at all – only information gathering.

Lightbearers practice surrender to the infinite – in whatever form that may take. Because no two are the same, how and what we surrender is likely to appear precious only to us. Each letting go allows us to own and reclaim more and more of who we truly are and release the chains of illusion.

But what of all this evil? Are Lightbearers actively fighting evil, or should be? I’ve spent much time trying to grasp this dilemma of how evil is to be handled and treated to allow for increased happiness in our world.

I’ve studied the possibility that there are cosmic battles fought by more evolved beings. However, I believe that the impressions some have shared of actual wars going on in other dimensions are largely human interpretations and cannot be taken at face value. Only a few levels higher than we are, all duality vanishes and war is an impossible concept. War is a lower dimension concept.

I do feel that we must stand tall to the faces of evil – as high as 50 ft. tall. Standing tall and shining – without fear or running – is a powerful act of self-love. We can also act on the physical plane to speak up, protect, and share with those who need help. However, not all who appear helpless are helpless, and we can confront those in due time.

Ultimately, those who are able will trasmute dark energies and recycle them  into light. No swords. No armor. No spells. Just loving transmutation that stands firmly in the truth of who we are. One critic suggested that this kind of approach is “unicorns and rainbows”, and will never work. Well, being love is not a weakness – in fact it is the highest strength. Few can do this, and much work is still required – but that true strength has no choice but to grow. The work we do is the right work when it clarifies boundaries, x-ray visions through bullshit, and lets go into a state that knows no conflict.

 I do not believe that evil must be carried off and dumped somewhere else, like trash. The human race is collectively responsible for shining light into dark corners here and now, at whatever level each is able.

Finally, I hear so many looking toward some more evolved race coming and whisking humanity to a better place, or those who can’t wait to Ascend and basically get out of a painful and confused existence. Ultimately, I feel that this is not going to happen quite that way…. We learn how to transform and transmute life ourselves – otherwise, who are we? 

The work of transmuting darkness to light has been called White Magic. The practice is based on who we are and not so much on talismans and spells. Lifting and dissolving one’s veil of being less than  and helpless is a prerequisite to practicing White Magic. I will go as far as to say that no candles or ceremonies are necessary for an experienced practitioner, and no physical objects or words. At some point, intention is everything and no ceremony is required. But, getting to this point takes time and an extreme willingness to let go (which can feel like dying – possibly many times). Many who will try this will not succeed because of their self-absorption.

The evil things don’t go anywhere – they stay right here, and we serve each other and them by learning to love. We practice – increasingly together and increasingly intensely – to refuse darkness and envelop it in light. But the light must already be there and remain unwavering…. Thus, before going too far, we make sure our candle hardly flickers. Gradually, we can safely take on more and more, as the Earth transforms into a Planet of Light.