Can We Please Stop Spiritual Jargon and Inappropriately Invoking Physics?

If you listen to certain spiritual teachers, like Thich Nat Hanh, the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, and Pema Chodron, you won’t hear a single word you don’t understand. There are many more examples of such teachers, but I listed only a few. That’s great news because truth is simple and relevant to everyone.  Almost everyone is interested in what life is all about and tries to make sense of it all.

However, the recent opportunities  presented as evolution in human awareness – an all inclusive phenomenon that should exclude absolutely no person or culture  – has produced much jargon. If a person doesn’t know about Ascension, 5th Dimension, Increasing Vibration, Consciousness Shift , they are totally out of the loop. Why this new form of exclusivity? 

I’ve also learned that people define these ideas differently, use them in conversation, and assume everyone means the same thing. This does not make for a clear exchange of ideas. When listening closely, it is clear that few live what they claim to live…. It is a show.

OK, maybe we need a new language to describe our evolution. I agree. But, isn’t it obvious that we still don’t have one?

Furthermore, too many people who don’t know physics claim how quantum mechanics or Einstein fully support what is going on spiritually. Physics explanations of spiritualism sound as if someone took a bunch of physics words and randomly generated a sentence with a subject, action, and object. As a physicist, let me say this:  1st, physicists don’t have a clue what these “spiritual terms” mean in any scientific and measurable (precise) way. 2nd, there is nothing in quantum mechanics or in Einstein’s writing that even vaguely supports what people are talking about. The fact that Michio Kaku writes books about parallel worlds to make money (because people are interested) doesn’t help – he hasn’t done real physics in ages and sold out. “Parallel worlds” and “multiple realities” are particular interpretations of quantum theory, but an interpretation is not a proven, workable fact to support anything. Here’s just one of many examples of invoking physics that is as far from physics as one can get:

Quantum physics has proven that our thoughts create our reality and that everything is energy vibrating at a certain resonance. A dimension is a gathering of a particular resonance, with the edges of that dimension overlapping into the edges of the next dimension.

No, there is no conspiracy among the physics community – I witnessed it first-hand, and physics research just doesn’t work like that. No, physicists are not all close-minded – they continuously look for ways to push the envelope of our understanding of nature in a way that follows strict investigation methods – much like detective work. And, no, I am not overusing my mind – I can live as awareness and work to reconcile my direct experience with the more solid, static expressions of this world.

Finally, channelled writing has become as widespread as “found footage” movies. “Dear Ones…”, many begin…. I’ve read my share wondering what the point is – to tell me that I am love? To tell me that the Earth needs to be healed, or that our ability to live on the Earth needs to be healed? To tell me that the human race must be less self-absorbed and more open to possibilities? Isn’t all of this obvious? This is nothing most of us don’t already know. 

Why not live – simply live – and discover day-by-day who we really are? Why do we need some mothership to make life – which is already plenty interesting – interesting? I know about entities that love to piggy-back on the human experience. Why give up our power to anything before we’ve even fully claimed it? Where is the discernment to test the value of what is shared by external sources?

And, what are the sources of these channelled writings? In most cases – who knows which of the gazillion entities with an agenda decides to pipe in….The claims are quite grandiose – archangels, angels, ascended masters, and aliens. An entity can claim to be anything at all! For example, one source claims to be from Orion, which is a constellation of stars that make a pattern in the sky. But these stars are not even close to each other! In fact, most constellations are just projections on the sky, while the actual stars are separated by great distances. “Well, it’s on the other planes of existence- not physical!” OK – so what? What have you learned that you don’t already know? 

Jargon is dazzling. Physics appears to give credibility to spirit, even as many hypocritically shun scientists as close-minded and clueless. Aliens are out of this world. And people, I guess, like dazzling and credible.

But truth is simple. No jargon changes the fact that each of us must listen, learn, discern, and directly experience reality for ourselves – without filters and blinders. We already know this in our hearts. But we continue to seek answers that satisfy the mind, be the center of conversation, and appear evolved to others. How long are we going to keep talking about loving instead of just directly embracing every aspect of our existence – and doing it?

Is there value in developing a modern language to describe spiritual evolution? Yes. Can physics explain our spiritual experience – even in part? Possibly, let’s keep looking. Are some channelled writings able to help us change our lives for the better? Yes. 

When we communicate, we have a choice to be clear, direct, and authentic. We also have a choice to be silent and listen – really listen. We have a choice to live with the questions as a kind of yearning that brings us closer. But that requires a humble heart, internal checks and balances that are always “on,” and the patience to allow and invite happiness directly to live.

I’ll leave you with this….

Timeless Change

Nature – life – does not stand still. Change is the norm, and a light wave calls us to surf toward no shore we’ve ever encountered. Destination is merely the comfort of illusion, and the journey beckons.

In the night sky, at unfathomable scales, there are fantastic objects and processes alive with change. But after we glimpse the stars, we quickly narrow our vision to the situations close to home and look for patterns, cycles, and rhythms that will give us a sense of control over our lives. 

We are wired to want certainty and security, which may explain our myopic vision of life and even the longevity and prosperity of large, established institutions. Well-traveled pathways promise jobs, retirement funds, and to subsidize our health insurance. Ironically, it is these very institutions – egregors –  that strive to thrive at our expense of taking our life energy, and we willingly trade inspired life for a promise no one can really keep.

We seek stability because we have responsibilities and people who rely on us. Doesn’t that make sense? Yes and no. The rapid changes in earth’s climate, available resources, population, and culture are forcing us to re-evaluate our approach. But are we heeding the call? Technology is changing rapidly and the future job market is largely undefined. As robots take over mining and manufacturing, and the U.S. work force is at capacity, the reality of uncertainty is becoming more and more evident. In fact, we are more likely to thrive by practicing flexibility and resilience going forward than hanging on to a tree branch amidst roaring rapids.

Psychologists keep reminding us to teach our children resilience – the coping skills required to bounce back from adverse situations – but they seldom mention flexibility and open-ended living. Such a paradigm shift is quite dramatic and goes well beyond recovery from setbacks. Here, the pursuit of stability is void and supplanted by creative adaptability to any and every situation.

Imagine growing up with the ability to adapt to change in the moment without planning legacies and fearing death. We gain the ability to integrate our experiences in the moment, rather than spending months or years in therapy processing the past. Imagine feeling the moment so deeply that time itself ceases to have meaning, and there is an everpresent sense of opportunity and unconditional delight. Rather than insuring our lives – literally and figuratively, we value the unknown. The term risk gives way to exploration.

It may sound frightening and possibly unrealistic. Yet, I feel that this is the next step in our evolution. The continuation of the human experiment may depend on our willingness to break open our static shell of a universe and enter the dynamic void. And this has already been done by a small number of various well-known and obscure beings – pioneers, who have shown us throughout history that open-ended living is possible and even desirable. After you wake up to just how rich each moment truly is, you also release any holding on to the past and the future.

But how do we get out of the habit to keep solidifying the edges of our cocoon? How do we embrace the state of being where we let go into life, surrender our self-absorption, and immerse fully in the dynamic process of living?

The easiest way to experience timeless change is to observe someone who is already living this way. The new spiritual teachers claim no special gifts and appear no different than anyone else – except that they are at the front lines of life as living examplars of freedom. In their presence, you forget the little self and become saturated with joy and inspiration – even if for a brief while. The role of this new generation of teachers is to show others what is possible and inspire each person’s unique expression of freedom.

The new  teachers will be living gateways to new ways of relating to life and show us how to listen to the undercurrent flow of existence. 

Each person has the ability to be at the right time and in the right place, doing the right thing. But the information we need is still too quiet and subtle to be considered trusted intuitive guidance. The new teacher amplifies the current of life so that it can be heard and accessible to more people – to reach critical mass.

When people say “Focus on the positive”, I often hear the implication that life entitles us to purely positive outcomes. However, life marches on despite our definitions of positive and doom, and operates at levels beyond black-or-white gauges of success. When we don’t find the cycles in nature that suit us, we create our own to achieve short-term effects.

We value competition over cooperation because we strive to be on top of the food chain. We value creativity, but few feel that they have any. The rest feed off of the creative surges of others to get a “fix,” which only lasts until the next craving. There are very few truly novel and creative ideas because creativity requires opening oneself up and suspending all fixation. But, we are now a race of vampires and opportunity-seekers who are blind to our true nature and to life’s flow, feeding off recycled plots and viral social media.

On larger scales, those who seek power are looking to horde life force – but this has been said before.

So, why has so little changed from the feudal times when the few had so much control over the many, and the planet was merely a breadbasket? Why have we allowed these structures to persist despite the evidence that they have ceased to serve the greater good? It is all a natural part of our evolution, and it is time to become aware of the next level – even if it seems dim on the horizon. Yes, simply becoming aware and to start feeling the edges of the next level. 

The moment is timeless change, and our filters are being challenged to experience so much that we are currently missing while living in a loop. All that is needed from us now is to suspend our disbelief that unconditional happiness is living timeless change.

Embracing Differences Vs. Setting Boundaries

We live in an interesting time when previously taboo subjects are discussed in the open, old norms are questioned, and people are actively exploring what is and is not OK. What has been considered “moral” is laying on a chopping block, while the masses pass the butcher knife – fighting over what we can and cannot  embrace.

As a culture, we are engaging in a process to discover what we embrace and what we reject, and it is messy. However, we also explore the same questions on a personal level every day and in the context of our own lives. We are in the thick of learning who we are and who we are not as individuals, communities, and nations. We are not yet cohesive enough to be asking who we are as a planet, but I believe that time will come.

My husband had a great definition for boundaries “Here’s my line. If you don’t cross it, we’re cool.” What is fascinating to me is that “the line” is often blurry and can shift for many of us who are learning to integrate more and more that is being unveiled. The complexity of our world, our struggles to get our basic needs met, who and how we love, even where it is OK for us to go to the bathroom, are swirling around us.

Some call themselves “conservatives,” which they equate to an unwavering moral compass. This approach may work in communities where time was frozen – those who can conform, stay. However, the rest of the world is changing rapidly: people are wrestling with human rights at an escalated pace, thereby pushing for redefinition of what it means to be human and embraced by society.

Does free speech include promoting nationalism and racism? Is carrying a pregnancy to term a righteous requirement, or does a woman have rights over her body and deciding when she is ready to be a parent in a world of controlled resources and limited opportunities? Is it OK for us to claim the land of another people and reduce them to, basically, noncitizens? Is it OK for different religions to coexist in the same towns, cities, and countries without experiencing blatant or more passive harassment? Is it OK for a person to be homosexual, bisexual, asexual, or transgender and be embraced for who they are? What does how women dress have to do with women being raped? Is it OK to continue to pollute and abuse our resources to keep the economy going? Is it OK to test products on animals and trap animals in industrial processes to massproduce food? Many more voices are questioning and rejecting old boundaries, many are caught in the middle and questioning where they stand, and many are quoting scripture at every opportunity to justify positions. Scripture does not discuss the handling of our environment, limited resources, and the trade agreements that require cross-cultural negotiations.

To me, the very fact that we are vocalizing our beliefs, protesting, and asking hard questioning is just natural and normal in every way. We want to make sense of who we are and how we fit into where we are. The changing conditions of our planet express an urgency never as strongly felt (or ignored) as it is now. The changing demographics of countries are triggering those threatened by the change. How far in history should we go to determine which country should preserve which demographics?

Every square inch of the planet – if it has apparent value – is being fought over. Conflicting belief systems are being fought over. To what end?

Well, simply speaking we are the human race sharing one planet and its limited resources. Because we do not really accept this fact, we draw artificial boundaries based on prior conquests, belief systems that have long ago been doctored by human interpretation, the size of nuclear arsenals, and the myriad of agendas – both personal and cultural. In some ways, it is comical how little people question what their humanity means, and what our true responsibility is to one another.

Rather than the black-and-white plot line of good vs. evil, the true battle unfolding appears to be “What does it mean to be human on Earth?” We have not yet answered this question in a satisfactory way. The process of discovery is even more difficult than the more lofty goal of “world peace” – and a prerequisite.

We cannot truly embrace humanity if we reject individuals, and we cannot set collective boundaries until we know who we are both as individuals and members of the human race.

For those who wish to help the planet, it is so important to re-examine their beliefs and value systems. Prejudices lurk deep in the unconscious, and these must be uprooted and the results shared widely across the globe.

Global unity does not need to be about loss of individuality and differences. A celebration of our uniquenesses must occur if we are to truly embrace who we are. 

We are evolving out of Darwinism, which is now holding us back. The “fittest” are nothing more than those who can manipulate others through economic and, therefore, military means. On a large scale, we are still small children on the playground, deciding on the rules of the game. Let’s just call it what it is, and it is not a criticism. A child who is nurtured into finding him or herself, beyond dire circumstances and family histories, does grow up and mature.

Let’s not be hasty to embrace or draw boundaries, but take our time working through the mess. Are these the right problems to consider?

  • “We aim to solve only the most urgent problems without looking at the big picture.” 
  • “We have conscious and unconscious personal agendas, and we don’t reflect on how these influence our lives at various levels.”
  • “We are afraid of life and hide until it is over.”

Embracing and setting boundaries are tightly intertwined processes, and we can no longer cling to others for answers. The onus is increasingly on each of us to be true, and we must pursue that calling with sincerity.

Where Do the Evil Things Go?

For many years, I studied the source of evil. So far, I learned that human energy – emotional, mental, and sexual – eventually funnels itself into semi-aware entities that begin to play. In other words, people create the energetic ego soup in which we take a daily swim. Evil is one of the forms our collective energy can take.

What is evil? At its most fundamental level, I see evil as a lack of connection to life. It can take on forms of brutal and barbarous acts, but these are only the faces of something more fundamental. Evil can also appear very beautiful, powerful, and enticing. At some point, most Lightbearers will be tempted and must reach deep into their being for discernment.

Furthermore, there are entities beyond our dimension that occasionally reach in – I do not know their true purpose because I decided not to empathize with their alien consciousness at this time. One thing that’s clear is that our invisible world is pervasive.

But it doesn’t stop there. Some entities start to move about our planet and cooperate with people’s psyches to attempt use people to exact chaos and darkness. 

Lightbearers have been there as long as history, quietly balancing energies at various scales of existence.

Some Lightbearers do not need to do as much as they need to be. Many Ascended Masters maintain presence on/near the Earth just to keep the darkness at bay and maximize positive shifts at every opportunity to make light more available. Some say that without the presence of these Masters, our world would not last minutes. However, doing is also important because it is impossible to express love fully without grounding it on the planet. Those who are and those who do cooperate and learn from one another. Light-borne action must take place and manifest.

Lightbearers live a humble existence because they are no longer interested in contributing to the ego currents pervading lives. They do not scramble for fame, attention, or affirmation from others. They live, connect to others, and share a fundamental self-love. They don’t need a title, followers, or status. They can organize to work at various levels, on a spectrum of be-ers to do-ers, physical and on other levels. 

Lightbearers are not recruited. Instead, they make a heartfelt commitment early in life and find their teachers as soon as they are ready. One candle lights another, but no two candles are the same. The teacher reveals only a bit at a time because some things must be learned well before others. But the true teacher also knows and honors the student’s needs and potential. What we can be taught is such a small fraction of what we must learn, and we learn in the midst of our own lives. We must walk in the wilderness and encounter all sorts of beings and events to learn who we are, and who we are not. 

Books are helpful in presenting what is possible or reminding us what we already know or giving us new ideas for ways to relate to life. However, books cannot really teach – one must live their life after reading and periodically receive support from a teacher. Otherwise, there is a danger of no learning happening at all – only information gathering.

Lightbearers practice surrender to the infinite – in whatever form that may take. Because no two are the same, how and what we surrender is likely to appear precious only to us. Each letting go allows us to own and reclaim more and more of who we truly are and release the chains of illusion.

But what of all this evil? Are Lightbearers actively fighting evil, or should be? I’ve spent much time trying to grasp this dilemma of how evil is to be handled and treated to allow for increased happiness in our world.

I’ve studied the possibility that there are cosmic battles fought by more evolved beings. However, I believe that the impressions some have shared of actual wars going on in other dimensions are largely human interpretations and cannot be taken at face value. Only a few levels higher than we are, all duality vanishes and war is an impossible concept. War is a lower dimension concept.

I do feel that we must stand tall to the faces of evil – as high as 50 ft. tall. Standing tall and shining – without fear or running – is a powerful act of self-love. We can also act on the physical plane to speak up, protect, and share with those who need help. However, not all who appear helpless are helpless, and we can confront those in due time.

Ultimately, those who are able will trasmute dark energies and recycle them  into light. No swords. No armor. No spells. Just loving transmutation that stands firmly in the truth of who we are. One critic suggested that this kind of approach is “unicorns and rainbows”, and will never work. Well, being love is not a weakness – in fact it is the highest strength. Few can do this, and much work is still required – but that true strength has no choice but to grow. The work we do is the right work when it clarifies boundaries, x-ray visions through bullshit, and lets go into a state that knows no conflict.

 I do not believe that evil must be carried off and dumped somewhere else, like trash. The human race is collectively responsible for shining light into dark corners here and now, at whatever level each is able.

Finally, I hear so many looking toward some more evolved race coming and whisking humanity to a better place, or those who can’t wait to Ascend and basically get out of a painful and confused existence. Ultimately, I feel that this is not going to happen quite that way…. We learn how to transform and transmute life ourselves – otherwise, who are we? 

The work of transmuting darkness to light has been called White Magic. The practice is based on who we are and not so much on talismans and spells. Lifting and dissolving one’s veil of being less than  and helpless is a prerequisite to practicing White Magic. I will go as far as to say that no candles or ceremonies are necessary for an experienced practitioner, and no physical objects or words. At some point, intention is everything and no ceremony is required. But, getting to this point takes time and an extreme willingness to let go (which can feel like dying – possibly many times). Many who will try this will not succeed because of their self-absorption.

The evil things don’t go anywhere – they stay right here, and we serve each other and them by learning to love. We practice – increasingly together and increasingly intensely – to refuse darkness and envelop it in light. But the light must already be there and remain unwavering…. Thus, before going too far, we make sure our candle hardly flickers. Gradually, we can safely take on more and more, as the Earth transforms into a Planet of Light.

A Humble Heart

While going through my evolution, I’ve come to appreciate humility. A humble approach invites deeper understanding and allows for more complete integration of experience and awareness. Of course this may sound obvious, but it is not that easy to remain humble.

Early in my practice, I was far from humble. My teacher would remind me how important it is to be humble because the divine cannot enter a body of arrogance. After transformation, this became all too clear. I was able to see in others how arrogance was a “holding on” and the exact opposite of inviting the infinite into one’s being. 

What was even more interesting is the way arrogance presents as both a brazen overconfidence and a false modesty. Arrogance literally repels love. 

I studied various people with knowledge and power, and saw how many are invested in a particular approach. This investment looked much like an anchor to me, or a Chinese finger trap that tightens even as you try to become free. 

Arrogance episodes are often followed by self-loathing – this dancing duel reinforces the need to prove one’s value – an impossible task. The trap is so custom-tailored to our being that it is very difficult to detect, let alone overcome. 

To understand the role arrogance plays in our evolution, it is necessary to recognize it regularly – until we naturally begin to revel in a humble, open, and receptive approach toward the infinite. The following reflection has helped me:

1. Ask: Am I “happier” when someone appears to be “below me”?

I would wait until I am tired, when the left brain starts to wane, to be honest with myself. Sometimes delighting in the apparent ignorance of others is blatant, but this can eventually become subtle – as the ego gets more clever.

A humble heart celebrates and enjoys.

2. Ask: What is my goal? and then Why? Or, ask: Do I feel unmotivated to get involved in life? Why?  Keep asking Why? 

Some answers may come in the form of pictures, memories, and bodily sensations. Do you have something to prove? Do you feel under the control of some influence? Do you feel like you must run as fast as you can from pain and sadness, or do you feel like if you stopped you will lose your value? 

A humble heart knows its strengths and feels comfortable living with questions, remaining curious without hunting for absolutes. A humble heart creates space amidst the tightness of rigid agendas. A humble heart knows that service is not really a way to feel better about oneself, and  that lack of service is simply an inability to relate.

If you don’t want to help others at all, then ask yourself if you feel a connection to others. Help is not always necessary, but it is highly unusual that no one needs you at all. A humble heart explores who and how to serve – not as a heat-seeking missile, but poised as grace.

3. Ask: Am I always/usually right? Being always right is scarcely the opposite of being wrong.  The tendency to take ownership of knowledge and information closes off connections and learning. 

There is nothing wrong with being right. However, how we carry and share insight makes all the difference.

Being always right can take on a life of its own and guarantees no innocence. It is more constructive to appreciate another’s presence and remain open-ended. 

4. Ask: Am I responsible for all my thoughts, words, and actions? 

Some may channel other beings and hide behind the messages they receive. However, a message is far from its execution, and we are the ones following through. We are responsible, and our actions carry consequences. 

A humble heart never passes the buck, but strives to understand ramifications. No entity or person, regardless how powerful, can take away our free will unless we give it away and then justify it to ourselves. We hold the contract between ourselves and the infinite, and only we can sign it.

5. Ask: Am I willing to hear feedback from the world without defending, deflecting, or shutting down? Do I need to control life’s input as I grow? Do I know the difference between feedback and an attack?

Most tend to receive feedback best when it doesn’t jeopardize their identity. However, if someone challenges an identity, niceness and sweetness turn to fangs. 

A humble heart waits to learn more about how it is both received and perceived, and heeds the signals of clinging onto something false.

The messenger may deliver the message poorly, but a humble heart can still receive the message – despite the presentation and without the need to control how life unfolds.

No Monopolies On Truth

What if we define truth as authentic being inspired by direct immersion in the infinite (divine, God, etc.) while fully expressing through the finite?

When I had my first hint that life was more than tasks, distractions, and responsibilities, I read many books about “truth.” At that time, I imagined truth to be a set of facts about life, verifiable by experience. I dutifully cross-checked my facts in search of universal ideas resonating across cultures. I followed the prescribed practices.  

This approach fit well with my overemphasis on using the mind to make sense of life. The mind had served me well up to that point, so I started my search for truth with what I most valued about myself. I was a dedicated “fact-checker” and a student of inconsistencies across ideas – and I loved my ability.

My teacher often flagged my overuse of the mind as a limitation. This insight bothered me tremendously because the mind was all I knew and I had a hard time stepping into pure awareness. 

When I had my first breakthrough, it became clear that thought and emotion were only extentions of a filtered perception. After seeing the mind and emotions for what they were, it was obvious that I was neither my thoughts nor my emotions. However, I still believed that truth was a kind of word dogma, distilled to guide life.

After the second transformation, when I began to identify with an awarenesss that watched the world arise moment to moment, I realized that I could not easily describe this way of life. It was far easier to just live and continue to surrender to what was living me. I saw hints of what my life had become in poems and art, but not in prescriptive words.

After the third transformation when “I” dissolved and there was no need to identify with anything, I was no longer sure what truth was – except happiness and bliss.  My life is still full of tasks and responsibilities, but – paradoxically – there is no one doing them while all of “me” is fully engaged.  Truth began to look more like direct awareness than something factual or prescriptive. Truth took on the form of living without a “middle-man.” With the mind quiet, there was no longer a sountrack to my life. With the emotions separated from identity, there was no need to ever stop feeling happy amidst life’s apparent ups and downs – or, to block feeling anything at all. So, truth became just living without filters.

However, truth is different to me from what I consider to be true….

Do most people identify with a filtered perception of life (ego)? Yes. Does this filtered perception cause most people to be unhappy, angry, frustrated, sad, ambitious, self-loathing, dominating, submissive, destructive, clingy,  irresponsible? Yes. Does this filtered perception cause some to claim to be “chosen,” special, gifted, privileged, or on a “divine mission”? Sure. Does any of this matter in the big scheme of things? Not really.

Breaking through the chains of perception is perhaps the toughest thing anyone will ever try to do. The chains are custom-fit to our unique makeup to avoid detection. That is why it is so difficult to break free – just when we think we have a handle on what we must do, the ego adapts and justifies yet another self-absorbed belief or action. I am grateful to my teacher for continuously catching me in a blind spot and resetting me to see the illusion trap. Without such continuous feedback from an awake being, it is very difficult to keep from deluding oneself. 

Many have not had the experience of being caught in an egoic act by clear and direct insight, and yet the result of accepting such confrontation is a series of (temporary) moments when one knows who they are not. Eventually, realization is permanent. Until then, the ego fights – the closer one gets to freedom, the harder the ego fights to maintain its lock on one’s worldview. The ego is a habit – it is neither good nor evil – but is does tend to present a very limited view of self, life, and others, while also serving its primary purpose of grounding us into physical life.

I have encountered many powerful and gifted beings who are, nevertheless, trapped in illusion and remain blind to egoic hold on them. Unfortunately, power is not always wisdom and rarely of the humble kind. Because of their accumulated power, their ego is even stronger. They pay lip service to being free, but the way they handle even the gentlest confrontation makes their bind all too clear. Claiming “martyrdom” and “sacrifice” – a death while still living is a sure sign of an ego lurking. It – the ego – is just as pleased to assert itself in the negative as the positive. Allowing “adoring, docile fans” to sing praises unchecked and looking for blind affirmers of “divine visions,” refusing other feedback and learning – check. Luring others in by promising them “immortality” – also check. 

“You are angry because you see your reflection”, meaning “I have transcended all and simply reflect you” is now a cliche, unfortunately. Many say this, but not all are true to the claim. Be careful and search your soul. Ask for clarity. Do walk away from anyone who is enthralled with merely shifting responsibility without truly having the ability to “mirror.” “You don’t see me for who I am” is another statement that needs to be carefully evaluated from a professed spiritual leader. While that may be true for true teachers, others just toss the phrase around to take power from people – perhaps even unknowingly.

Any “teachers” who fail to treat their students as equals and refuse to share in the mutual learning are simply a dominating force and possible false prophets. They are transparent and predictable, and eventually their following will disband. Of course, such teachers will justify the outcome without taking responsibility.

Any “teachers” who speak of humanity with disgust or as “tarnished souls” while claiming trying to save it raise their own red flag. An egoless being can only Love – that much is just true and shared by all religions. Yes, the ego-ridden human race generates issues, but acknowledging this is different than demeaning the very beings one wishes to help.

Some have said to me: “I am in the 5th dimension- which dimension are you?” I remember thinking If you claim to live in an advanced dimension, why do you need to ask me? Why does it matter? 

Also, there are beings and various entities claiming to help the human race. But are they free from illusion? Do they carry their own form of being trapped? What does their ego look like? Just because an entity claims advanced evolution, is that really so? If you have to deny yourself to serve another, it is unlikely you are on the path to freedom. While some channeled information is clean of agenda, other is not. Many take all channelings at face value, with reverence, and no questions asked – why? How does this cultivate our breaking through and becoming who we are? People give away their power and hide behind some “higher entity,” saying “I was told…” or “I was asked to do …”. How is this about our evolution? Taking responsibility? Honoring our union with the source without a gatekeeper? Channeling can be like a drug, as one is intoxicated with the energy of those from other dimensions. Do not fall prey to the power coursing through your veins if it is not yours. 

When you truly have broken free from the ego, you have no need to control, orchestrate, demean, condescend, patronize, attack, deflect, defend, claim righteousness, or blame. If you do these things, regardless of how skillfully or politely, you are still stuck and, probably, feeding on some sense of superior knowledge or sense of power. Those who either seek or inadvertently find power are in the most difficult position because they fear that they have more to lose and do wear a cloak of enough wisdom to fool many.

Non-truth appears to be ubiquitous and  normal. We must all go through it and come out on the other side. There is a monopoly on illusion and – so what? Let’s keep it real…it is what it is. However, truth appears to be very ordinary in every way – just living without blinders or filters. Such living seems to still be rare. However, once it occurs, there is no mistaking it. Furthermore, as the learning continues, there is a kind of fail safe put in place that continuously questions oneself and does not assume being right. Only after much introspection does one determine the path of least illusion – the opposite of blindly following some playbook and defending a position (no matter how righteous the justifications).

Once authentic being inspired by direct immersion in the infinite becomes the norm, all facts fall away and living takes priority. Service becomes natural. Creativity overflows. Time stops, but never happiness. I imagine such living would take a unique form for each of us. There is not likely to be a monopoly on such truth, and no facts, dogmas, or quests to save the entire world.

More and more, I feel like the world will continue to evolve one genuine interaction at a time – by touching one life at a time and giving freely to those who yearn for freedom. It seems so simple. So free of pomp and fanfare.

Ask yourself – why do most true Masters remain hidden in plain sight? Maybe because evolution cannot be rushed or forced. Maybe because we need to live and learn. And maybe because they wait for the right moments to help us release ourselves from our chains and realize that we never ever fell short of anything at all.

Enlightenment Is Not the Goal

Those who yearn and seek a full connection with the Universe start in a place of confusion. Bound by senses and filters, they begin to set goals, regiments, and prescribed practices. Of course, at this time the destination is unknown, but there is certainty that the destination must be better than the current state. It has to be, right?

There is a tendency of the seeker to become rigid about the pursuit for something new, and then a different confusion tends to sets in – how to properly pursue enlightenment so as to attain It. “Who is the right teacher? How and when can I expect results? Which are the right practices?”

I have gone through this – seeking with a truly Type-A personality, setting goals, and driving onward despite tremendous discomfort and at a rapid rate. I made enlightenment a goal that had to be achieved at all costs. Thankfully, I was blessed with a teacher that truly knew what binds the human spirit on Earth….

I discovered that there is not one “destination” but many – as many transformations as the body can take before one must leave the physical behind completely to move further. First, one realizes that one is not the illusions constructed by the ego and knows there is something akin to Light – physically and wholebodily. Then, one realizes that he or she is not the awareness watching the ego. Then another awareness emerges beyond that prior realization. The infinite is felt physically and is undeniable – that feeling continues to deepen. The transformations, once stable, are unmistakable because the world becomes ever more transparent. So, the entire concept of a goal becomes just a motivating force until it is no longer needed and cast aside. Enlightenment seems to be a process of letting go, and then letting go some more, and so on, while taking the time to integrate the new perspectives on the world and its process of life from new vantage points.

But, after you are no longer anyone and identify only with Infinity (at whatever level) – then what?

I learned that enlightenment is really only evolution, but not the whole picture. It is only change ever-changing to release all filters of one’s relationship to life. However, life must still be lived. And that is, perhaps, also another step in enlightenment – to reach to infinity while reaching back to the Earth in truth. I picture many tendrils of connection emanating from Infinity to discover Itself on Earth.

It is an interesting cross-road – what to do after enlightenment…. And the answer is not as simple as one would imagine. One could leave this dimension altogether, or stay and help from the vantage point of the physical.

I feel like my decision is already known to me, but “I” have not embraced it yet. Staying in the physical plane is just one way to help, but there are many ways to help. Service is on automatic – the commitment to “others” does not stop. But what is the best way to serve as my unique being?

What is next? It’s not yet clear. We are all given free will and that never goes away. There are no wrong turns, and the next turn remains as mysterious as enlightenment initially was.

I realized that, in itself, enlightenment is not a goal. It is more of a release of what binds us from being who we really are. There is only so much we can release while being in physical form because this body is also a bind.

My teacher always said that it is about “happiness and its expression.” The enlightened state demands expression – unconditional happiness is not enough. An unconditional really does mean happiness independent of life’s ups and downs rooted in something deeper, ancient, and true that pervades all.

So, what expression do I choose? This requires experimentation. I no longer have anything to lose or gain, so I experiment…. But, I know my expression is not yet full. What I currently offer could be aligned better with who I am.

Growth appears to be neverending. One can live as purpose in its purest form, and that purpose must shine our truth. That truth must be discovered by each of us independently because no two being are alike and have a unique contribution to make. There are many ways to help the world rise to the challenge of living, and there is also more understanding of when to stand aside and allow change to be what it is. I guess I’ll just take it day by day and learn all that I can about how to best serve a planet that I love dearly. That is all I can do….

Alive As Purpose

Purpose is like a gem that coruscates differently under the light in the eye of the beholder.

I have often thought of purpose as something you have – something you consciously possess and shape during the process of self discovery. But recently, I’ve recognized this definition matches more the concept of a goal that is powered by a drive. Goals, agendas, and drive are common occurrences, but it seems that purpose is less so.

Simply put, purpose is focused energy that sets the context for living. Purpose is one and the same as you. It is a life set in motion like an arrow, skillfully fired from a bow and flying ceaselessly toward a target that may very well be still forming.

I am not trying to speak in riddles. I am still searching for words and trying to describe something that has – up to this point – simply been my life. I’ve only now began to recognize and understand it after decades of observing recurring patterns.

Since a very young age, I felt that I was this flying arrow – already in motion. It was most apparent in my decision-making, where I moved only in response to opportunities and changes by intuition. I did very little strategizing or thinking about my choices. It is also something that made me feel like an outcast.

What made my decisions unusual is that I had no plan and no end-result in mind. I never thought of my choices as leading to success or happiness. Rather, the big changes I made were the only changes I could make – with no afterthought or regrets.

In hindsight, I was a paradox that appeared as an overachiver and a workaholic to others, but now I simply see myself as someone with a limited amount of time and still much to learn.

I am always working – not as a distraction from living, but because I am focused on living. When I get tired, I rest, and then resume where I left off. I am a student of the world, and my studies follow a thread that runs throughout the world and human knowledge. I just follow it, like one follows a scent.

I suppose it must sound like such a strange way to live – so intensely immersed in learning, practicing, and giving, without any thought of outcome or reward. I only know that I must keep going because my time is limited and I must not run out of it. The less I identified myself as someone, the more focused and free I became to live as purpose.

Purpose is living me and not the other way around, and it is not done with me yet. However, lately it has felt like I am closer to where I am being taken in life. 

Purpose is a force of nature with no personality. Of course I have an unmistakable personality, but the purpose that lives me does not – it is simply colored by my personality.

Typically, driven persons are always armed with a way to measure their proximity to the goal and are ready to adjust course. I noticed that I just don’t do that – the destination does not matter, and the journey is everything. I have not really achieved anything. In conventional terms, one may not conclude that I have arrived at financial success and stability  or fame. I lay no claim to have made any difference in the lives of others – I have no idea how I helped, only that I was available. But what is life if not a process of mystery?

Society has defined value and shaped a vision of a desirable life. So many people compare their lives against some set standard to decide if they measure up. What if we just lived life completely out of the box? What if we surrendered and trusted the flow of life itself, and ceased to judge life? My guess is that we would be handing ourselves over to purpose, and becoming that straight and narrow arrow in flight. We would move with direct confidence 24/7 – never questioning or regretting any life lesson.

Living this way stops time, even while – paradoxically – it feels like there is no time to waste.

Inviting Earth Into the Heart

I asked the Earth what she needs that I could humbly offer in her service.

I asked consciousness how it wishes to be expressed.

I bowed my head and offered all of myself – known and yet to be discovered – to the grace living all beings.

I walk about the planes of existence and create pillars of light to bind the darkness. Since childhood, I built energy structures in the invisible realms and played with them. But it was only play back then….

Now, I see the energy structures and gates as part of the labyrinth of healing – dynamic and evolving. The ancient art of placing unseen, yet potent constructions at key location on the planet is a service performed by many and over eons. I feel these humble beings working tirelessly.

The shapes arise by intention and are imbued with consciousness, forging connections on a sophisticated network  started by the Masters before time. All intention is sealed by love. Changes are made when necessary – which is often.

As I feel the Earth, my heart – a vortex with no beginning or end – burns ever more brightly. She enters my heart, and I invite her. Here, there is no concept of size as we know it, and it is possible to embrace an entire planet in a heart.

Every day is a renewed outpouring of tenderness and care in simple expressions. Life is a sacred ritual best served in the moment.

A Life of Transformation and Enlightenment