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Peace Through Confrontation

Everyday human interactions often fall short of building strong relationships that are based on happiness, positivity, and mutual respect. Why is that?

The world is an ocean of dueling perspectives, as people take the actions that are most likely to assert their self image and world view. There is an overwhelming drive to feel real, and people will do, think, and feel whatever  brings them closer to experiencing their own flesh and blood, a sense of power or powerlessness, and a belief of having it all, something, or nothing. “Feeling real”  is the equivalent of having the world continuously affirm one’s self- and world view, while feeling “nothing” is a crisis to be avoided or battled at all costs. “Feeling real” is one and the same as feeling loved, but most people experience neither and look for their world to prove love to them.

One’s perception of how real one is forms the undertoe that churns and shapeshifts our dynamics. A person may feel real in being an agressor or a victim – the polarity of the worldview does not matter. So much effort is expended on this “feeling real loved” game that the true nature of existence is veiled. So, conflict is sure to arise among and within those whose self perception must be endlessly reinforced.

Agendas swirl around in eddies at all scales – from individual to intercontinental. Individuals, families, friends, communities, and countries interlock in intricate patterns of compatible world views – either allied or at war. Politics – at all levels – is the dance that takes place among those who feel like they are always lacking something vital. Dominance, manipulation, and inappropriate boundaries ebb and flow, generating reactions and further conflict. 

Beyond this chaotic soup of self-affirmation is a way of being where you feel connected and whole, nothing is missing, and it is unnecessary to use the world for self validation. Instead, the world becomes an extension of pure awareness exploring all possibilities. All games and machinations become transparent.

Now, how does someone who is firmly and unconditionally grounded in feeling and being real and loved relate to those who believe they are shadows? Sadly, it is difficult for an awake being to relate to illusion. The process of communicating with someone caught up in doubt is a work of compassion – confronting debilitating beliefs and supporting deeper insights and gestures. 

While many envision enlightened beings as softspoken and gentle individuals, this view is incomplete. One who is awake will adjust their energy output to whatever is coming in. Often, direct and strong confrontation arises naturally to neutralize illusion. Strong, precise words. Volume.  Fire to break up impacted delusions and soften receptivity to the fact that one is already complete and completely loved at the very core of one’s being. The person who receives this kind of confrontation will likely go into a temporary and powerful crisis, during which time they are available to new awareness.

An awakened being shouts or laughs with only the energy needed to shatter strong patterns of illusion without ever feeling any emotional drive. There is no anger and no malice. There is no retaliation or the need to control. The idea of manipulation is foreign. Such confrontation is just a simple response to restore peace and open a space for healing. 

Spontaneous and grounded in love, enlightened beings turn “complicated” into “simple.” Our core nature is simple, but self doubt creates a complex webwork of illusion that binds anyone who is susceptible to its pull. Awake confrontation is not conflict – it is peace and a gesture of love.

Enlightenment and Everyday Life

We may picture enlightened beings living in the mountains, sitting in lotus posture for days, or walking pilgrimages to holy lands. However, there are enlightened beings living in everyday world – both the East and the West. You may not recognize their state  if you see them on the street, in the grocery store, or in the restaurant. Unless they feel drawn to teaching others that unconditional happiness is possible, it is unlikely that they want others to know about their transformed awareness. 

It turns out that living a typical life is very challenging for an enlightened being – mostly for the other people. That presence has a strong effect on people, which can be either positive or negative. While such a being is grounded in surrender to the infinite, others can experience fear, discomfort, or  anger in their presence. Most people are unsure why they feel what they feel, and their reactions can be quite intense. Without saying a word, an enlightened being will either be adored or hated, crises and dysfunction will come out of hiding,  and people’s true colors will become clear and visible without any apparent overt triggers. 

So, an enlightened being who lives a life in society and works within societal structures may have a hard time “blending in,” as the surrounding people experience that energy. Many do not want to awaken yet, and that presence is an irritant to them – especially with long-term exposure. People may have strong resistance to the innocent being and want to hurt them – either physically, verbally, or on other levels. In the West, there is not much talk about the possibility of being around someone who has the ability to see right through them, and no talk about the change and instability such an energy may bring about as it naturally inspires deeper healing.

At this time, Western culture is not really set up for having enlightened beings work mainstream jobs. However, it is not necessarily the case that such beings should hide in secluded communities that are immersed in spiritual life. In fact, more are now being called to walk amidst everyday life on the frontlines, holding regular jobs and having families. However, it is often necessary for such beings to manage their own businesses, rather than work for someone else, and to have more flexibility to do what they feel is needed.

To the enlightened being, it is just a part of their life to continue to be who they are, do what creatively expresses who they are, and respond to events as they come. Such a life is interesting, for sure, and primarily in constant flux at this time in Earth’s history. These nomads are in this world but are no longer of it. They have no agenda and they don’t ask for recognition or gratitude. Being steeped in the infinite is all there is, and they are learning how to be in the world. There is always more to learn….

Transcending the Tension of Opposites

Many have said that it is the nature of this world to be in a state of continuous tension – polar opposites dance and tug and no utopia or dystopia is ever meant to be reached. However, it is one thing to read about this concept in a book and something altogether different to live as continuous change.

I began my life seeking “good” in the world and within myself. When I was about 13 years old, I briefly spent time with a spiritual teacher who never called himself that. He asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I quickly answered “Fix the world.” He then asked me, “What is broken?” There was something about the way he asked the question that made me pause for years to come. I knew life often felt uncomfortable and even painful – to me and to others – but the root cause was not obvious.

I wrestled with life scenarios that resulted in no pain or suffering of any kind for anyone. This problem held my interest because I was in pain and also was very sensitive to the pain of others – I wanted the discomfort to stop for everyone. At the time, I had defined the problem with my mind, in absence of real feeling or understanding, and also tried to solve the problem with the mind. But the mind was limited by the kinds of solutions it was capable of producing – logic could only lead to a conclusion that to stop feeling pain, one would need to stop feeling everything.

A number of years passed until I met someone who practiced acupuncture. I watched her work and saw that she helped many people feel better. I thought that, maybe, I could help others by taking away their pain through some healing modality. I studied yoga, Reiki, and even enrolled in acupuncture school for awhile. But it didn’t make sense to me why people would have suffering in the first place, only to make it necessary for someone else to try to heal it. If the goal was to heal all disease and end all dysfunction and destitute, then happiness is nothing more than the result of life working out. Such conditional happiness is destined to stop and go in this plane of existence where conditions are ever in flux. I gave up looking to “heal” or “fix” anything and turned toward the possibility that unconditional happiness was the only freedom in a world of conditions.

At first, the idea seemed rediculous – how could one be happy unless everything in  life was just right? Why would one choose to be happy when one is alone, poor, hungry, overworked, or sick? The breakthrough comes when life situations cease to define how you feel. While the mind has trouble grasping this possibility, the heart yearns for it naturally. Once the illusion of defining oneself through “life success” dissolves, a deeper realization about life takes hold – a freedom from the tension of opposites and an appreciation of its wisdom for our evolution. 

Suffering is there when there is either something to gain or lose. Freedom is the feeling of “having it all” in any situation because “I” am no longer defined by the situation.

So, this world moans in anguish and laughs with abandon, drinks and eats, and thirsts and starves. There is no permanent “fix” for the tension of opposites, but there appears to be a way to stop playing the game altogether that surprisingly ignites an ever deepening and unconditional appreciation of the life process. It is through the futility of trying to change the changing reality that we are free to simply revel in our true nature that is bliss. From this perspective, helping others takes on a meaning that is very different from “fixing.”

Giving Way to Peace

I grew up believing that life was a battle, from birth until death. Perhaps because I knew poverty and thought I had everything to gain. Or, perhaps because I also knew some financial strength and felt like I had something to lose. At my core was the feeling that I am fragile, and already broken. I had to survive, make do, provide for my family. And I didn’t quite know how…..

I put on a strong face, tightened my lips, lifted my chin, and threw on a garb of overconfidence. It was a false armor, forged in the pits of self-doubt and anguish, and polished by a keen intellect. A fake posture emerged that shone custom-fit for my battle, honed over the years, and carried as one would drag a burden. I believed that I would eventually fail at “life”, be seen for the weakness that I am, and chewed up by the grinders of existence that hummed in wait for the likes of me – antisocial introvert, clinging to the mental distractions of solving mathematical puzzles, and never stopping to smell the flowers.

There was no peace in inevitable failure. There was no ultimate reward or even occasional enjoyment. Only the sense of dread drove me forward so that I could stall what felt to be worse than death – utter resignation. To everyone else, there was no mystery that I was mostly flammable – despite being occasionally useful. I was a liability, and mostly to myself. To me, it was simply the way it was.

Over time, the facade of competence became exhausting. I needed to realize that “I” wasn’t working and had to become completely drained to turn away from my career and even my health. Then, a door began to open – a new possibility that can only be described as peace. I had to face my fear of failure by…failing.

I simmered in my worst nightmare for several years, unsure of what I believed about life anymore. Was it still a battle if I had already lost? Was there some way to give my life new purpose, besides not failing? And why was failure such a threat? It had happened, and I was still here. I let go into it. Had anything really changed?

Eventually, the core belief that I had carried had finally run its course – like a bad flu. Finally, there was no need to believe something specific about life – just living and connecting was complete. I no longer needed to succeed or to expect failure. I had nothing to prove or to achieve. Nothing felt “locked in” or “set in stone”, and certainty felt unnecessary. The armor dissolved, and I stood vulnerable in a vista of possibilities. It had become so easy to rest – just rest, and any previous delimma was clearly unnecessary. 

A few paragraphs cannot sum up this journey, or possibly any journey that frees one from an illusion. Maybe it doesn’t matter how or why we eventually become at peace with the simple, the quiet, and the humble – only that we do. We know when that moment arrives because it never leaves. 

It is so much easier to do things when there is no fear nipping at my heels, and there is no need to control anything. I traded in armour for genuine curiosity. It had never occurred to me that the need to control life to feel safe could color my perception so completely until the need to protect had dissolved. 

Reality is so much more interesting than any illusion I could have contrived, and so much more relaxing. Peace is real, while fear and doubt are not. Who would have thought?

Are Enlightened People Healthy?

Enlightenment is not a single event, but a continuous evolution, and there are some myths about the “benefits” It brings. One such myth is the health of the body. While abounding health is certainly possible, it’s lack does not indicate a lag in evolution.

Ramana Maharshi died of cancer. Baba Mukhtananda died of heart failure. Both broke through into a permanent awakened state, and Maharshi reached an even deeper level of surrender to the Infinite. Why doesn’t enlightenment mean perfect health? If not initially, does it eventually?

The state of awakening is just that. The sense of identity permanently shifts to the perspective of the Infinite from feeling like an “I” with a body. Rather than reaching for the Infinite in meditation, one starts to be the mediation and reaches through the body. The transformation of perspective and consciousness is a complete one-eighty.

Meanwhile, the body is now carrying the awareness of the Infinite and serving as its conduit to manifestation and expression.The intensity of what the body carries inspires the body to purify anything that holds or blocks deeper surrender. Many call this state “burning.” This burning is an ongoing process of the charged nervous system adjusting to consciousness, and expressing its presence to the world. Enlightened beings carry their own karma that must be processed and balanced, but this process intensifies and adds stress to the body – it can only be tempered so much.

Many enlightened beings also tend to take on the energy of others, when that karma can be taken on from others. Diligent discernment is required about when it is appropriate to help, and when an individual needs to continue to undergo certain experiences. Any energies taken on willingly from others add a load to the body system and tax its function.

Not all disease is necessary to carry, and medicine and treatments of various kinds can help. However, for some conditions, there are no treatments. The body must simply exist in that condition until it can no longer function, as it continues to evolve as an extension of the infinite.

So, if enlightenment does not bring a guarantee of health, why bother? This is a good question that arises because, in this realm, most people want a happy, fulfilled life. They are rightfully learning how to bring more and more happiness into their existence and build relationships. From this perspective, striving for health, good food, strong relationships, fulfillment in creativity, and relaxation are the primary. Desire for complete transformation out of the ego state is still very rare.

From the enlightened perspective, happiness is already there unconditionally. The primary becomes to express that happiness more and more through the body, as if playing an instrument. Sickness or health, while real, do not perturb the primary state. The ups and downs of any life are simply waves to be surfed, and emotions come and pass. There is also a longing to serve that is on 24/7.

Prior to consciousness, the body is often a dumping ground for emotions, and a sponge for surrounding energies – often unbalanced. After consciousness, the body is tool that extends the relationship of the infinite to this realm.

The body is necessary – without the body, enlightenment would not be possible. However, the body is temporary; it does wither and eventually die. The more the body can withstand and grow through – with the greatest possible care, the cleaner the conduit. The only difference enlightenment brings is that one learns to celebrate all aspects of existence – even the simplest of movements can elicit profound bliss.



one dream inside another
i can’t just wake up anytime
i promise

we’ll talk about it
prepare for it
stay busy and
do what we know

while i toss and turn
life’s blankets
ravaged by sleep
even like this

i’ve no intention to wake up
so i pretend
i fool most everyone
all of the time

i’ll stare at this wall
into this atom
in its paint and
hands blue at the joints

i’d rather not surrender
another dream

The Master’s Kitchen

The wind swallowed up the land, and the snow fell in waves – cascading and shimmering under the Moon. Blue and silvery light entered the Master’s home, as if always invited. The Master got up from his warm seat in front of the fire and gently lay another log on the flames, closing his eyes as the shadows danced around.

After several knocks on the door, the Master walked toward it and opened it wide. Several strangers shuffled in with varying gaits. They expressed happiness to finally meet the Master, and he ushered them in to sit by the fire and warm themselves.

He asked the strangers about the depth and texture of the snow, about the brightness of the moon, and which trees they saw on the way to his house. The strangers were smiling with noticeable impatience – why is the Master wasting precious time about the weather and the moon? The road was treacherous uphill, and all they saw was the snow directly in front of their feet. Sometimes their eyes closed, as gusts of wind blew by their faces. And yet, they humored the Master’s questions and responded with strained smiles.

One stranger tried to bring the Master back on track. Her voice was quiet, yet firm. She was trying hard not to appear  like she was interrupting the conversation – parhaps he doesn’t know what they want or why they are here…. “Something is missing from my life – even with all this beauty around me. I want to feel something new and different. I want to be enlightened.” 

The Master smiled at her like a man who was asked to speak after biting into a large sandwich: “You want more beauty? Something a bit more interesting?”

“Yes! I am so bored with everything. The colors of the world have looked gray to me for long time,” she answered uncertainly.

The Master saw anger beneath her quiet, soft-spoken exterior. He also saw the sad eyes of feeling unworthy beneath the anger, and the bright being that she truly was and did not know: “You are still not angry enough or bored enough. You want me to say something wise to you so that your mind can spin on it in busy circles, and then you can be entertained. You’ve come to eat, but I must ask you to leave hungry.”

“So what should I do now?”, she asked in frustration. 

“Do what you want to do,” he said with a gentle smile and waited.

She got up angrily and uttered “What a waste of time.” No longer dressed in niceties, she threw the door shut as she walked out. The fire crackled.

“What have you come to see and hear?”, the Master turned to the man with a thick, wet beard.

“I don’t really want anything. I already see the truth that the world is a cruel place. I don’t belong here because I see it clearly – how we are all just killing each other and the Earth. Sometimes I think I should just not even be here, and that no one cares anyway. If you don’t agree with me, I hope you can prove to me that I am wrong.”

“I cannot prove to you that you are in the right place, at the right time, and doing the best you can do….I can only say that you are not yet disillusioned enough. Your true hope is not to leave your life, but to have life turn around your hardships. You think life is a problem to be solved, and so your mind prevents you from seeing life any other way. You should go and solve a few more of life’s problems, and feel the satisfaction this will bring to you.” 

The bearded man silently tied his coat, and stumbled out into the wind. The door fell shut behind him, and the Master looked at the next stranger, who glanced at the Master with uncertainty.  “I’ve come to tell you that I’ve heard many stories about you and that I have so much respect for how you help people. I am here because I want to help people like you do,” she said.

The Master smiled and asked the stranger, “Someone needs help?”

She was visibly much more animated as she answered. “Well, so many people need help! You are here, so far away from the world, and probably don’t see the hungry, the sick, and the dying. They all need hope and help!”

“How are you so sure that they need help, and that you don’t just need to help?”, he answered.

“Are you saying that people don’t need help, or that I am not the right person to help them, or…both?” Her eyes grew distant as if she were deeply immersed in a complex calculation.

“You grieve about your life and feel helpless. So, wherever you look, you see grief and helplessness,” he answered.

“That’s not true! I can’t believe you would imply that children should continue to go to sleep and wake up hungry, that women should continue to be abused by men, and loved ones should disappear to illness or addiction! That is the truth, with or without me saying it. Why do you help people?”

The Master smiled.

She continued. “I heard about all the people you comforted, gave gifts to, carried forward through dark times…. Why did you do these things if nobody needs help?”

He turned to the fire: “I have not set out to help anyone – only to be present here  fully. Maybe some people felt like this has helped them. Maybe others thought that I’ve been no help at all. Either way, each moment unfolds before me, and I am filled with wonder.”

“Well, you certainly aren’t helping me at all. I was expecting something different – perhaps some guidance and some appreciation of my willingness to help others. I got nothing from you.” And with these words, she walked out into the cold.

Then, the warm quiet took hold of the room, with only one stranger left. She sat  with the Master, while he stirred the fire ablaze.

She said: “I am not sure why I am still here. It just feels right to stay. How can I feel so many possibilities? I didn’t know what I was looking for before I got here, but now I know that this – whatever this is – is what I want.” After a short pause, she continued “I saw a leafless birch under the moon, I think. Let me tell you more about it….”

Blue Love

The Earth opens wide her arms. She keeps this blue space for us in her embrace, as we dance about on rock, wood, stone, and water, amidst seeming chaos, and surrounded by life.

Our dance. Our dreams. And she is always beneath our feet, poised. What will we do with all of our wonder, gifts, and fear?

Moved by confusion within her  clouds, the cosmos blinks, and blinks once more. Time stops, and the collection of moments merge from blur into focus – as this moment. The infinite ceases to be a meaningless metaphor.

We cannot own any thing or any being, but we continue to believe we can. We grasp at people and objects, but they flow through our shadows and the years pass by. Even the atoms of our bodies are on loan from the cosmic foam.

The clouds swirls into new eddies. It has never been just about the quality of life or the quality of people in our lives. It has never been about being right or wielding power. Illusion is the blood that circulates through our hearts to the point that we do not even know our hearts.

And the Earth still holds us in her green, blue, and yellow. The Sun smiles at her love and surrender. He knows she grows with us and has her own growing pains, and yet we are unconscious of her as a Being and take her for granted.

The greatest loss is in not loving enough, not feeling deeply enough, and rushing through life unconscious. And love requires connection, always connection.

What does this have to do with daily life, pain, and suffering? How is this even vaguely relevant? We are here. We take and give what we can. And we die. Our bodies are just atoms – fragments merging right back into Blue Love to be present when new life bursts open. Why not embrace her as she embraces us? She is also but a cosmic traveler, so we have that in common.

In every moment, she is there, but ignored in thought and deed, as we dance to the tune of self-absorption.

We measure time in hours, days, and years. We measure our time. But the cosmos is unfolding its light and sound with no knowledge of our life’s logistics. And yet, it knows us too because we are its very space, always expanding. What if we felt what the cosmos feels? What if we felt the Earth as she truly is? What if we cared so deeply that we saw ourselves as we really are beneath layers if veneers we choose as our life’s clothing? And then we would see apparent others as they are….

If you move your mind to touch a star, already you know that even space does not really separate us, and time does not exist.

Life Transformation

Imagine life as a continuous stream of moments, where you feel joy in your every movement and in stillness. 

This life stream feels so natural that it is indistinguishable from you. 

You move, and you feel the true nature of your movement as a gesture of relationship. Your life is timeless. 

You live one long day, and then you move on, always rooted in happiness – regadless of what situations life presents.

It is easy to dismiss this possibility for living. We are taught that happiness is about what we have and how comfortable our lives appear. Power, money, people who say they love us, and a legacy become our goals so that we can someday be happy. So, if life does not present us with the right circumstances, we buckle in misery. Our lives are not sofragile, and our ability to be happy is not conditioned by how much we have achieved, or how much pain we have avoided. 

It is all too easy to fall into a pattern of living where we drag ourselves forward, focusing on discomfort, fear, frustration, and setbacks. This kind of relationship to life is disconnect. Awareness is trapped  inthe palace of the mind, and we watch our lives from a distance. Every situation and feeling is dissected and critiqued, and we react to every judgement.

There is an alternative possibility to living. In this possibility, you are rooted in happiness first – as happiness itself. And this state is not disturbed by any life event. 

You are naturally drawn to explore and feel as fully as you can. Then, life’s ups and downs don’t color perception.

You see clearly the dynamics of life’s situations, and you work with these to the best of your ability. Although you are  innocent, you are not naive. As taught by many masters, such a life is our natural state. This state is real and can become permanent.

The process of meditation restores us to our natural state. While many talk about  meditation as a relaxation technique, this was not its original intent. Instead, meditation with an enlightened teacher was a way to strip away all that was false until our natural state of happiness was all that remained.

Many people talk about spiritual practice as a way to restore health, acquire wealth, and attract people who will love us. However, anything we can acquire – including our lives – is temporary and fragile. That is just reality.

Many people talk about love and service as the basis of life. Thus, spiritual practice can become about acting more loving and offering time and money to others. However, even this approach can result in a feeling “holier than thou,” or feeling entitled to receive only the “good things in life.” 

For many, practicing meditation and cleaning up imbalanced relationships is beyond difficult and even unimaginable – especially if this process takes years. Instead of feeling good and relaxed during practice, you are agitated as  illusions burn away. Instead of feeling satisfaction in money, food, and sex, you feel confused about what is really important. 

So, why bother? Why engage in practice if it does not provide instant gratification of feeling like you have it all? The simple answer is “You don’t need to – just live your life as you want.” Being on a path to transformation does not make one any better than anyone else.

However, you may feel like you have no choice but to be in the world without being of the world. At some point, nothing in life satisfies, and you begins to yearn for freedom. 

With the help of a teacher, you eventually feel freedom from life’s changes – you remain steady amidst any and all storms of life. Service becomes a natural disposition of the heart. Love deepens beyond attachment, and you are more interested in loving than in getting someone else to love you. 

You no longer feel lonely or bored. You love yourself  enough to take good care of yourself and surround yourself with people who are balanced and care about you. 

You use your mind as a tool and are no longer a slave to endless, circular thoughts. You have a clear picture about what is dysfunctional and appropriately stand up for truth without self-righteousness. You feel everything, but emotions pass through you and do not stick to you. And all of this – your natural state. 

Many of us have forgotten that we are not our pain, discomfort, frustration, or reaction. We are also not our thoughts and judgements. We are not our imbalances or beliefs. None of these things need to define us for us to feel real. If we take away our reactions to life and our drive to do, what is left is relationship without any filters or blinders.

From the perspective of happiness, even the simplest actions are awe-inspiring. Every gesture we make expresses our connection to life and to our existence. One simple gesture, sparked by awareness, can ignite a chain reaction of connections, and can only deepen. Every moment has the potential to be expansive.

Ultimately, living is a relationship to everything of which we are conscious. You feel what inspires you, and then you move. You simply allow the next movement, and the next, and lose all interest in judging yourself because you are relating and naturally moving toward emerging needs. 

With every gesture, you forge a stronger bond to your simple committment to express. And that really can be everything because it is always new.

Communication and Innocence

If we and our world are evolving, where are we headed? What would a more evolved civilization look like? What does it mean for humanity to be more advanced than it currently is, and how would this influence our lives?

Change on our planet has been a result, in part, of the earth’s forming, shaping, and cooling. The earth is a body that undergoes various processes while serving as our home. 

While our earth lives its part in the cosmos, we live on the earth. Our contribution is our communication with our environment – how we give, how we receive, and how much ownership we project over what we have. We communicate our position by speaking, whispering, yelling, and silence. We write, sing, and create art. We move our weight around, sometimes softly, and sometimes like bulls in a china shop. We reach out to touch, connect, push away, or hurt and destroy. 

We are primal and emotional. Many of us  lack the kind of awareness that brings us into balance within and without. We have the ability, but have not yet felt a conscious need to shift our awareness beyond self absorption.

Imagine being in the presence of a person and, with their permission, experiencing life from their perspective – even if just for a few moments? Imagine this empathy developed to such a level that every living being and object is perceived on its terms. Imagine all people with the ability to truly connect and feel each other, while still maintaining  uniqueness. What would it be like to know our individuality without all of the pain and guilt we layer on top of our experience? What if we knew the feeling of being truly complete and explored the world from that origin? Would our globe map still look like a rag sown together from scraps?

Somehow, we are hardwired to possess or to want to possess something. We assign value according to our whims, and we obsess to acquire what or who we find valuable. Like in Indiana Jones, we like the thrill of finding the treasure and taking it. We like secrets and puzzles. And often we like the attention to pour in and to feel big, which is also a kind of treasure. 

Many of us, maybe most if us, are on this earth to find our treasure. The more  we are skilled at communication, or the more forceful, we tend to find success. However, the feeling of emptiness persists and we crave gratification even when we “possess” so much. Like small children crying for milk, people of the world emit a loud cry for what they feel they lack. 

The cry is deafening and pained and omnipresent. However, there is also the glow of our potential yet untapped, enveloping us with its warmth and happiness. This potential is already fulfilled, but it awaits our attention. Imagine if we were all to hear the humanity cry and be overcome with compassion. Imagine if we knew we were already happy.

Unlike pity or a kind of personal judgement, compassion is communication. Compassion transmits an understanding that can only be found through union. Compassion is a force that shifts the world from its inability to feel others. We can align ourselves to compassion and to the unwavering feeling that we are complete, and then we  will communicate only the energy of love, on automatic.

To truly love others means to also love oneself, and vice versa. Stripping away the layers of self absorption and an insatiable want, while feeling life on its terms and letting go into this sea of diversity, makes it clear that one is innocent. With innocence, everything is possible. What if the next step for us and our world is innocence? It can be, if we invest in compassion as the communication of choice with all….