Cosmic Freedom

Transcendence is both an idea and a process that is unique to the humanoid species. We sense mystery – something beyond the apparent existence of daily life – and we know that this mystery is real.

Apocalypse comes from a Greek word that means to uncover or to unveil, and not simply to destroy. Revelation demands transcendence and our rising up to fully meet a newly discovered truth. By simply being available to the stirrings that are the lifting of the veil, we are also gifted a challenge to learn to navigate reality. It is easy to affirm that there is only one life on this planet and to speak about the intricate web of life as our interconnection. It is much more challenging to embody this truth and move about in Its service.

After the “upward” momentum to dissolve in the Divine, I began to descend with Its realization deeper into matter. It became clear that humanity has so much work to do to understand the idea of relationship. This is such a profound concept, but simple when it is simply lived. What occurs is that one’s field opens to receive from the Divine, and to automatically give at all scales of existence. The mastery of this is to simultaneously recognize the life spark – from human to animal to plant to rock to atoms to subatoms, and relate to it all in one swift swoop. This must be practiced.

The lifting of the veil, or apocalypse, does feel like surgery at times. I remember reading Choagyam Trungpa, who vividly described a spiritual teacher (or the awakening process itself) as a skilled surgeon who cuts into impacted illusion. How this translates to real life during the enlightenment process is experiencing excruciating pain. Emotions run amuck. The body presents with illnesses, which appear to be mostly autoimmune in nature and not curable. And the mind tries to think its way out of the dilemma, but fails. What’s even more annoying is that you have no idea when the shitstorm will end – every new day feels agonizing.

As the veil is lifted, the resistance to this change is experienced as pain and depression. The more baggage one carries, the more painful the awakening process. I can’t even count the number of times I sincerely wanted to end it all. Even after awakening, the deep-cleanse continues and you start wondering if you were even enlightened at all – why is all this crap still here after you reach enlightenment? Because initual awakening is a transformation of being that accelerates the removal of deepseated barriers. Without enlightenment, there is actually no way to remove these impacted barriers in one lifetime. Enlightenment makes the most of one lifetime.

Eventually, one has integrated the Divine to the degree that the pain lessens. A bit later, the pain ceases entirely. The time it takes to align one’s being with the energy that is awakening depends on the person. What’s most important is that it’s possible to reach and to stabilize in the enlightened state within one lifetime.

After enlightenment, there is this great urge to “teach” and share the clarity that comes with awakening. I know it well because I went through this phase. However, it’s actually not the right thing to do for most people. Instead, it is more productive to dedicate oneself to shifting oneself and making the necessary adjustments and learn from the light. Of course, one still has ego after initial enlightenment so it’s no surprise that it’s tempting to celebrate the “victory” of awakening by giving inspired talks and leading workshops.

Anyway, that passes too. For me, it was a relief when the debris from my pre-enlightenment years (lifetimes?) started to noticeably lift, release, and burn up and my life accomodated the much-needed alone time. I steeped in the Divine until it was true that there was no difference between who I was and the Divine – the difference was only in the degree of absorption in the Divine while still participating in the Earth plane.

The thing is, one need not be at the forefront and in front of lots of people to contribute to their learning and awakening. By living the truth that we are all one, we can bring spark into life and it will emanate throughout reality. This truly requires an egoless state because no one will come and point their finger at such a being and attribute great deeds to them. One becomes anonymous and unseen, working quietly in a way that is not separate from life but is one’s life.

I work in a corporation, dress professionally, and handle everyday details of work and parenting and paying bills. I completely blend in and will keep it this way. The initial desire to openly stand in front of people as someone who has discovered a long-forgotten truth is a thing of the past. In fact, it is not the path of most enlightened beings to make claims about their enlightenment openly. It’s simply not what is necessary to serve and help.

At this time, enlightenment is an exceptionally difficult process. Those who teach relaxation, mindfulness, and life skills are doing the necessary work to help people heal, but they are not teaching enlightenment. Why bother saying this? Maybe to set the record straight about people walking around and claiming enlightenment when they have not transceded or transformed at all. In my experience, even those who claim to want enlightenment, decide quickly that they just want a “normal life” after they encounter their first challenges. There is no point in confronting anyone because their belief in a false enlightenment is part of their learning process – they’ll figure things out on their own without any additional discussion.

These blogs are currently part of my expression, but even these will not be written for the rest of my life. I will keep listening to the Divine and keep evolving and learning. There is truly no end to growth – that much is clear.

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