Immersion in Kabbalah

In the early ’90, I somehow heard about the Kaballah. At the time, I was studying whatever I could find about every tradition I could find.

Unfortunately, there were no English translations of the texts that seemed appropriate for me, so I purchased a set of books in Aramaic. I scanned the pages and…that’s all I did. I was about 21 at the time.

Later, I stumbled upon an English translation of the Zohar. I read it and reread it without understanding anything. There were writings about how one had to be 41 to begin this study, but I ignored all guidelines at the time. I lacked the capacity to be aware.

This weekend I dedicated to a renewed immersion in the Kabbalah. Specifically, I accessed the site for the Kaballah. I also studied the descriptions of the Sephirot on Wikipedia. Sound impressively academic, doesn’t it?

While I was accessing this information in a highly informal but intensive way, I could feel an inpouring of understanding that was being triggered by what I was reading.

My understanding wasn’t academic – it was emerging in my being. I was astounded by how rich and abstract was the Kabbalah! I could intuitively sense that the books that popularize it do not do it justice.

For example, the Tree of Life consisting of the 10 Sephirot is a relationship diagram of complex interactions occurring among the various energy structures at countless scales. Every piece contains the Whole. The manifested world – a luminous emanation of the Creator, is gradually dimmed and obscured as it passes through the five worlds. In the most luminous world, the light and its vessels are nearly indistinguishable – and yet there are vessels there, perfectly attuned to receiving the Radiance.

Our physical vessels are largely lacking in the ability to grasp and align the flow of differentiated Divine energy, but aim to persevere nonetheless. The Kabbalah teaches how to understand and realign/heal ourselves.

Beholding the face of G-d is not standing and looking at something other. Instead, it is the synchronous awareness of the Divine unfolding as oneself.

After gaining insight of the whole, I began to explore the Sephirot themselves. Intuitively, the Tree of Life shifted a bit a aligned with various parts of my body in my mind’s eye. Later, I encountered descriptions of the correspondences of the Sephirot to the human body, and these descriptions outlined what I was seeing.

The Tree of Life was a map of the kinds of energies active or latent in our individual systems, and the paths among the Sephirot are the various ways we can align and attune our vehicles to the whole. Ultimately we would reach a resonance in the way we run our energy to attain an understanding of the Divine Splendor.

I put aside the reading because the information from my inner vision seemed more direct and readily accessible. I was astounded at the depth to which the sages who discovered this system of knowledge understood energy.

Even astrology and alchemy and magic fit in this system. Astrology, specifically, was always something weird for me. Being a scientist – an astrophysicist understanding that gravity is the only interaction between our planets and the sun – what do position of the planets have to do with our lives? At some point, I realized that planetary positions in the physical realm are mere pointers to energetic structures in the nonphysical realms. Thus, physical locations of planets are helpful. I could feel how movement of planetary energy on the nonphysical levels affected me, at least. I could also feel the “astrological charts” occurring for others and the Earth, as a whole.

By the way, planets are conscious and do not orbit the Sun on the other planes of existence like they do in the physical realm.

Why does any of this matter? My study this weekend affirmed for me that there is knowledge for us across the various traditions. There is help available to aid us in grasping our origins and relationship to life. The Kabbalah appears to be among the truer of truths out there – and very challenging to grasp.

Like all truths, it must be reflected by our being before it can be known. I was not foolish to seek the books in Aramaic and to avoid the watered-down New Age pamphlets on the bookshelves.

We are surrounded by the language of consciousness at all times, and resonance is imminent for establishing a willingness and ability to receive, communicate, and commune.

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  1. I remember well my first attempt to delve into the Kabbalah. I sensed the relationships were important, but that was all I could grasp at the time. Later excursions left me feeling even less in tune with its energies. But your discoveries resonate with me. Perhaps one day I will also more fully comprehend the knowledge embedded in this ancient system.

    1. I understand what you are saying. It was like that for me too – a back and forth. There were a few things like that in my life, where I would keep spiraling back to them over time.

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