Spirit Is Not Human

Our “human-ness” is a particular expression of spirit, but spirit is not human. Spirit transcends species and enlivens all forms continuously. Our birth is an ongoing process of creation and is not marked by the time-stamp of exiting the womb.

Spirit is omnipresent and, thus, it is informed by all forms that exist.

Spirit is the medium of the life process and is, in turn, imbued by all the unique perspectives of life. Spirit “knows” the rock, the plant, the insects, and the animal kingdom. Thus, by opening our awareness to spirit, we can know directly the nuanced variety of life. Empathy is only a hint of what we can become. Want to know how a lady bug really sees the world? You can know this directly via spirit – not just out of sheer curiosity, but out of the natural yearning for union.

What is fascinating is that the form that identifies with spirit knows other forms. We are One only when a form awakens to spirit and begins to gradually integrate spirit knowledge – only then, separation is seen as an illusion.

The gradual nature of expanding awareness to countless perspectives is due to the fact that we must awaken dormant organs of perception to properly process and integrate the whole.

When spirit expresses through a particular form, the form uses spirit to shape an identity bubble. Then, the form becomes aware of its constriction and is inspired to unwind its enclosure – the ego – while still maintaining uniqueness. The form moves through phases of pulsing expansion until it literally is spirit using a body, rather than a body reaching toward spirit. This pulsing shift of consciousness is much like the birth of a star, preparing to ignite its nuclear fusion.

After awakening, it quickly becomes clear that the brain and the nervous system are multidimensional. The physical brain is only one aspect of a more comprehensive organ that translates spirit into expression through form on this plane. And, the form’s perceptions are translated to spirit.

This is a profound process still unknown to the consciousness of most living beings. The entire universe is continuosly birthing, pulsing, and breathing as its myriad sparkling reflections scatter about.

Without differentiation into diverse forms, the universe could not evolve. The universe itself is approaching enlightenment on a grand scale. Our universe is only a fragment of an even more unifying principle.

Each part has access to the whole, but only if the necessary “organs” of awareness are awakened, aligned, and ignited. The process of identifying with the whole must not be forced, but allowed to unfold with a natural rhythm of creation.

As the human body undergoes transformation and stabilizes, it is not accurate to call that being human anymore. Although a form appears human, the transcended awareness it emanates makes it trans-specied to the degree that it has integrated existence.

3 thoughts on “Spirit Is Not Human”

  1. Very well said, InEx, and very apparent to anyone who lives as spirit. I have my words for this experience, but that is all they are, words I use to try to describe life as I live it.
    But what do your words or mine really mean to anyone living as ego. I fear it is all gobbledegook to them. They can reach to understand, but they reach up, which is not the best direction. They need best be reaching in, but into what? I think this is what you called my conflict, though for me it is conflict no more. It is wisdom arrived at by long thought, and the studying of history.
    I know you mean well, even as I mean well. Spirit is the truth of life. But ego still must play its part.

    1. “I fear it is all gobbledegook to them.”
      I was the “them” a relatively short while ago, reading the writings of others and yearning.
      Much of my writing is created to bypass the mind and to ignite a heart if that is what one wants.
      You do have wisdom and all I can do is share my experience as best as I can. As clearly and openly as is possible. The universe does not waste heartfelt energy.

  2. Actually, I have been noticing, not just in myself, what people choose to respond to in a blog. When I first commented on this blog, i should have made mention of your major topic, that spirit is not human. Spirit is the embodiment of life. Human is just one species of physical life out of millions, or higher, of species. Mind you, it is a species that believes itself to be more significant to life than any other species, but that is just the “ego” of the species believing that. The spirit of the species is exactly equal to, and no different from, the spirit of any other living species, because, as I already said, spirit is life.
    Meanwhile, I used the phrase “I should have” above, but I did not mean that as a must, but merely as a recognition of your observation, with which I agree completely. So why did I choose to comment as I did. Whether it was part ego, or all spirit, when I hear certain things said, they remind me of hurts I saw others receive because they did not understand much at all of what they read or heard. These things changed their lives for the worse, and I am always conscious of those hurts on some level. Still, it is not my place to pass those memories on to you.
    I have been doing a lot of thinking on this since our conversation, and if this is the conflict you were seeing, I think I have to say it is a never-ending conflict. You say it doesn’t matter, and I can see where you are voming from. It does not have to matter. But from where I am coming from, it can matter. Two suicides, and a number of mental afflictions bother me, not because I was a cause, but because I was not able to help. But that is my experience. I am sorry I tried to make it yours.

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