Diamonds of Existence

It is my experience that the world we live in is so much more than what we perceive with our five senses, which is already a lot! Sound and light are the primary ways we receive information about our reality. Touch, smell, and taste are also important. These are just electricity at play. The electrons in our bodies repel electrons in matter and we call that touch. In fact, sound is just pressure changes – again, electrons of air or another material repelling the electrons in our bodies and pressing on us – a kind of touch.

Electrons also take charge of combining molecules – chemistry – this is our taste and smell. Light is fundamentally electromagetism. It appears that electrons are critical to our mechanisms of perception – they drive all the senses tied into our nervous system.

All of these signals are passed to the brain, which generates a sketch of our reality – a magnificent construct in itself. The universe, including us, is an electromagnetic apparatus running a circuit of sorts. And the brain does its interpreting so smoothly we assume that what our brain tells us is the only way to “see” the world. Are the five senses all there is?

There is life beyond the physical. There are “vehicles” with senses other than electromagnetic interactions that is our physical body, and these senses provide additional texture to the signals of “physical” existence. At this time, there is no objective confirmation of the existence of such senses beyond the physical. Furthermore, those who have even partially developed extra senses have only words to convey what they perceive, and our words – reflections of experience by consensus – are limited.

Still, most of those who claim extrasensory perception are unable to clearly interpret what they see and there is confusion about what really lies “beyond” everyday experience versus what is simply imagination or echo-chambers of “I see this too!” This is not a criticism of anyone because all is just progression toward deeper understanding. However, many refuse to question or verify what they perceive, and this leads to a misrepresentations instead of deeper insights.

If there is something beyond the five senses, why is it so hard for people to agree on what that is? If we vary on how we interpret physical reality, why would there be significant agreement on what is currently our unseen reality? Isn’t everything eventually just an individualized construction of a worldview, based on signals passed through an individualized nervous system? And if there is no “absolute” reality beyond our experiences, why bother talking about an absolute reality?

Scientists (myself included) would say that we do have an objective way of representing reality – an absolute reality. The data we get using repeatable experiments can be modeled by mathematics, which is understood the same way by all who speak “math.” Thus, reality is as objective as mathematics is objective. Popular science books are just translations of math into words, which relate to people’s everyday experiences. But, are mathematics and our current experiments enough to capture the complete absolute reality?

The real question is “Can we use our consciousness as an instrument to detect something more or different than what our physical instruments and bodies detect?” Consciousness is still in the jargon stage and not something that we can objectively prove. Yes, we can say that we are conscious, but what if our perceptions can all be explained by physical interactions?

People have told me that they often feel like I “read” their minds. One can certainly say I give this perception because I can read microexpressions and body language. But then, how do I “pick up” detailed information when speaking to someone on the phone? Am I that adept at reading tone of voice? How do I “know” things about people I don’t speak with or see, and what I pick up is later confirmed? I don’t know. And I am always trying to understand. To me, existence is fascinating and I do not take my interpretation of it for granted.

The story of the Tower of Babel means to me something different than people speaking different languages and not understanding one another. In that story, I see beings who perceive different realities and do not agree on what it is. This goes beyond expressing something and not being understood; this is about perception being fundamentally diverse and irreconcilable – at least, on this level.

It is my experience, for all it’s worth, that we have a complex nervous system – a mechanism of perception that extends beyond the physical realm of current science. During my transformation, I was able to become aware of multiple vehicles (bodies) operating in concert on different planes of existence. Each plane of existence has its own laws and types of signals. Is that real, or just my imagination? I won’t make any claims.

Furthermore, I experienced my chakra system – especially when all my lower chakras merged into the heart. This transition was noticeable, as it resulted in a very different configuration of my entire being. Did I imagine this? I do sense others with a similar reconfiguration.

Is my ability to transfer my awareness to different planes of existence also imagined? I went through a stage where it was difficult to operate on multiple planes of existence consciously and, at times, I had trouble locating myself – was that challenge self-created? Is the fact that I no longer struggle with this challenge indicative of a mental condition?

I cannot prove that any of what I have gone through and am still going through is “real” in any objective or absolute sense. If my life – my reality – is real, what difference would that make to our collective life?

All we can do is touch lives and see people, but I don’t do this with just my skin or my eyes. The hidden reality is my reality, but I don’t imagine this to be something that should stop being questioned and verified.

My hunch is that the meaning of what we consider real will expand with our awareness and transform how we all interact. I imagine a gestault of unique individuals being united in a way that makes each unique facet shine brighter.

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  1. IMO, the tower of babel parable equals the loss of telepathy. At one time all sentient beings–meaning all species capable of some form of thought–could be aware of each other, even if they could not share thoughts. Those of one species could share thoughts, and there was no use for language. But as life evolved, things changed. From here on in this paragraph, at least, I will speak only about human beings. At one time life was innocent, meaning there were no lies, no intentional harm–life was at peace. Killing brought a metaphysical pain, but since killing was necessary to survive–life at higher levels of evolution could only survive by eating once-living flesh–telepathic beings would honour the beings whose lives they had to take (what we now do as saying grace in the christian tradition, or sending spirits on their way peacefully and with gratitude in many aboriginal traditions). But somewhere along the line humans starting killing humans, probably over scarce food supplies or scarce water supplies. Why doesn’t matter, neither does how. But as fights became battles, and battles became wars, the pain of killing other humans became unbearable, and it was necessary to close down telepathic connections to stop those metaphysical pains. Those who retained telepathic connections were probably outwitted by those whose minds were closed to them. Contrary to what most people might think, telepathy was not a great survival feature, and those who had not lost their telepathy fell by the wayside. However, those without telepathy had to find a way to communicate, and verbal communication won out over other types, if indeed other types were even tried. No matter, seperate groups would have used different words, and different words would have grown into different languages. Thus the parable–one language, telepathy, broke into many languages as different groups grew and moved away from other groups. Racial memory being what it is, stories would have been passed down generation to generation, until writing was discovered and some writer wrote the story down. Biblical writers would have loved this story, and changed it into the babel story. As I said at the start, IMO.
    You, InEx, probably get a lot of your informaton about people from a form of telepathy call mind-reading. Maybe not literally, but more mind-sensing, I cannot say. Being that you are who you are, I suspect if you do not use outright telepathy, at least with some people, you are very adept at mind-sensing. I doubt your measuting instruments will ever be successful at measuring such events, but you will know, even as I know.
    I know because I have used telepathy, which I have confirmed on more than one occasion. Things that were said in a group were only heard by the person I was talking to, while others heard nothing at all. The first time I experienced telepathy I thought I was going crazy. Telepathy is not something one uses every day, and realizing you are the one using it is mindblowing, to say the least. This was not something I could do with just anyone, but those I could do it with we did it more than once. For me it was not like mind-reading unless it was with someone I was intimate with, it was transference of thoughts with an other who was not me. It never really happened at will, but generally in times of deep discussion. We would be talking aloud, then suddenly shutting up and continuing the conversation on a mental level. We discovered this when we were in a group discussion, and someone asked us why we had suddenly stopped talking. We immediately looked at each other, and and one of us spoke aloud, we didn’t stop! to which someone else in the group said, yes you did, about 5 minutes ago. So we had the same conversation again, this time using our voices, and we both finished each other’s sentences. After the group split up, myself and the other telepath got together to discuss what had happened, and because we were sitting across a table from each other, we both noticed when our lips stopped moving but the words kept coming. It was awesome, but awful fearsome at the same time. There are other things I would like to say, InEx, but I will save them for later. I suspect I have said enough for now…

    1. It is possible that the power of the story of Babel speaks on many levels. Telepathy does intensify as one transforms and evolves…. There are some who have good instincts about people. It may be using a form of telepathy. People who have this use it to their advantage. The only downside I can see of telepathy is having to grow up with it and hearing other’s thoughts/feelings/impressions. This is very confusing for a child – and painful, and for the adults of such a child…

      1. Another thing occurred to me… Babel as a story of differentiation of unity. There are countless examples on many levels where unity diversifies into fragments that appear to still carry the whole, but maybe lacking awareness of the whole…

      2. Is this you communicating about your own chidren? I don’t know that it is telepathy as much as it is mind-reading, or mood-reading, to me those would be more exact phrases, but I will not refuse the concept of telepathy, as I think the two are highly related. Babies I am sure mood-read if not outright mind-read. They are so very close to their precarnations that would seem very sensible. As for young children, until their egos are fully developed, I don’t see why not. And being inundated by adult thoughts and ideas, I could see that scaring them into closing their minds just for self-protection. These things are so possible they could become probable.
        I have never had children, so I don’t know the experience of babies and young children.

        1. I could not read human minds as far as I remember, but I could sense animal minds. Until someone asked me about how I knew something, and I truthfully answered a horse told me. That person said that I was crazy, there was no way to talk with animals. He scared me so much I never was able to do it again. But I still remember that I could, and I wish I had never told that man anything.

  2. This is amazing, and speaks right to the center of my being. I am no scientist, but I have asked many of these questions myself. I still seek verification of my experiences and senses, but I choose not to question their “reality” anymore; too much time, energy, worry and self-worth wasted in trying to fit my perceptions into the norm. (For me, those cigarettes are on the table, whether anyone else sees them or not.)

    To navigate between different vehicles in different realities (or dimensions, or whatever) is a skill learned with time, effort and mishap. To coexist comfortably, and still function effectively in each and all is a victory. To imagine many of us doing so, sharing openly what information thus becomes available, feels like a dream.

    I hope I never wake up…

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