Just Another Day

This Saturday I had my graduate classes. I have 4 more courses left to earn my M.Ed., and I have until the end of this Summer to finish them. I learned about this fact at the end of Summer, got a small loan, and signed up for the courses. Although it didn’t seem ideal to take 2 courses this Fall while teaching full time, motherhood, and going through a divorce, but it needs to be done.

I arrived at my class one hour late. I’ve been sick last week and a bit sleep deprived. I got myself ready and packed. Having what I need did not warrant worrying or rushing.

When I got to the first class, I quickly learned that my afternoon class was held at a location 1 1/2 hours away. Someone messed up, but it is what it is. I realigned my expectations to drive there as soon as the morning course was over.

The morning course was good. My professor was knowledgeable and I had a chance to talk to him about using what I learn to support my interest in doing Data Science. During a break, I texted a parent about having her son sleepover with my yongest at our house tonight.

While driving to my afternoon class, I found a great music station on Amazon Prime. Solid metal, grunge, and punk selections that I belted out in my car. There’s no accounting for taste, but that was just right for me.

Something was rattling in the engine. I will figure that out later.

The directions I got to my afternoon course took me to a vacant lot. I punched the hotel name into my phone and got new directions. I was 15 minutes away. Eventually I arrived and just paid attention. A kind lady got me a syllabus.

At 5ish, I was done and got in my car to drive back. I was tired. Car is still rattling but it will get me home. Texted the mom to see if she was OK with her son seeing Predator with us tomorrow in the theater. My youngest wanted to see it again, after seeing it with his dad.

While driving, I ran through scenarios of what I will do Monday with my different groups of students. Trying to do my best to teach the kids in front of me, and no two batches are the same.

I got home, cooked dinner for my son and his friend, and started grading. I want to catch up and give my students some feedback. My older one is napping – I’ll check in with him later. He already texted me a few times during the day.

So, here I am. Grading until it feels like time to sleep. Every day feels like surfing because I don’t expect to predict or map out the waves.

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