One Day in the Universe

Everything rises, falls, and arises again. We are used to thinking in terms of beginnings and finalities. We look for cycles and patterns as a way to make the world seem more predictable.

We calm ourselves with fragmented insight and knowledge and cling to a promise of something better around the bend – something to look forward to. But our whole is not the Whole because the vantage point is very personal, embroiled with investment of physical, emotional, and mental energy that is but a fragment. Nevertheless, we carry on without giving the dilemma of skewed perspective much consideration.

What if you ceased looking for patterns and cycles for one day in the Universe and simply lived? It is only one day, so you can let go of any fear and anxiety…. You spend this day so fully immersed in every action that you forget to judge – anything.

You notice the fullness of the world in every spec and feel an unbridled joy that seemingly has no cause.

It is only one day, and so you let go of the past, the pain, and the discomfort of being in a body.

This one day, you find balance among all tensions of opposites and simply let go into the ever-moving Life Stream. Life is motion, someone said. So, you move unfettered by preconceptions of how life should be.

You stop the work of crafting your life, and simply embrace yourself as pure awareness. For one day, in the totality of the Universe, this is OK.

You have no need to drink because you are intoxicated by breath, by being breathed. What is breathing you? What is living you?

You realize the illusion of ownership and control because the Universe is your hands, and its stardust flows right through your fingers. You just let go into being, without defining yourself or others.

As you let go more and more, just on this day, you see all as yourself and know yourself as all. You know there is only one being here, wherever here is. You rest with eyes wide open. You may be dead or alive – there is no difference.

You’ve woken from the dream only to rest in one eternal day in the Universe that is alive at all scales – because it is One Life as many, yearning for Unity.

This Unity is the only certain thing on any day, even today.

4 thoughts on “One Day in the Universe”

  1. This is a really beautiful post. I watched a movie not too long ago that brought up a similar concept, saying how much of our lives are made up of the small things that we do so often and because of that, we forget the significance of those actions. Even the simplest things can become mundane practices, but if we take the time to see the beauty of life within even the simplest of things, we might feel something more again. After all, life is truly incredible – even the smallest and simplest of things. Do you think breaking the cycle and recognizing the beauty in day to day life can and should be done everyday? If I started this tomorrow and tried to practice it daily, do you think it would become habit?

    1. Great question – what do you practice everyday? The perception of “big” or “small” can be affected by our attention and speed through life. The faster we move from task to task, the more we forget the whole.
      Tasks alone – without meditation – do not ignite a feeling of connection. Connection to the Divine slows our movement, and awareness syncs up to that rhythm. What seemed small before is now no longer insignificant. Entering tasks with meditation, and not just the head and the body, opens up what was previously inaccessible 🙂
      Thank you for your question…

  2. This unbridled joy, are you referring to enlightenment or the steps to? Are there steps you can take to achieve the realistic dream like state or is it a realization that you must propel into fruition? Thank you 🙂

    1. This is interesting… in this case, the choice to let go is the step… Even those who move through life with confidence and fluidity, may not have made the choice of allowing life to be. Most try to mold life to their vision without having seen what it has to offer. The feeling of unbridled joy is then a choice. Think of the choice to step out of your home into a sunny day – the sun was already there, and you just chose to come outside.
      Rather than a hyper euphoria, this joy is a feeling of quiet surrender to existence – the marriage of the individual and the whole. Quiet and dynamic. You can practice making the choice over and over in daily life, until one day this way of being stabilizes. The stability of the state is what makes it enlightenment.
      Interestingly, this practice of surrender and allowing yourself to feel joy is reality – the dream is everything else. The realization comes when you know that you are this fountain of creativity and are free of life’s ups and downs – these no longer define you. You do not need to metal-forge yourself into This. A simple practice, but can be easy to forget to do…..
      Thank you for your question….

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