On True and False Spirituality

Spirituality is the practice of learning to be aware of and identifying with the One Life that lives us all. This practice requires pushing through the veil of illusion that tells us we are separate, just as a seedling pushes through toward the sunshine. 

This practice is ongoing, as there are many layers to peel off and shed to approach the identity of I Am That I Am. There are minor Enlightenments along the way, each progressively more challenging to rearranging the very fabric of our being.  

The series of enlightenments are radical remakings of how we perceive ourselves and the apparent others – these are not fleeting experiences. As our perception transforms, so does our entire world view and our relationships to everything. 

Some will come to the point of complete freedom as Spirit (Nirvana), but will postpone That to serve all Beings with a humble and generous heart, and without any need or drive for a specific outcome. The need to live for oneself or to get anything at all from Life dissolves prior to this choice – we always have the freedom to choose. One feels only a profound Love for Life and offers oneself to Its Service in full surrender. That service may take many forms, uniquely tailored to each being.

Spirituality is a deeply personal practice that transforms one into an impersonal force, no longer driven by and free of emotions and mind. Emotions become experiences that simply pass through and don’t stick. The mind is a tool for translating Spirit into expression that can be forged in Matter.

Spirituality puts magic, mediumship, and reliance on metaphysics in context – as coping skills of those who can sense the Astral plane and fear constant change and uncertainty, thus needing to prepare for and control what is happening. However, true spirituality aims to make one fully mature and free of the need to take external directives and clear markers on how to proceed. 

Many use the crutch of tarot cards and other materials to gain insight, which is readily available in meditation and does not require a billion dollar industry. Most spiritual practioners start with metaphysics, but must eventually get through and out of reliance on Astral phenomena – which is a form of illusion and can become a trap.

Spirituality is learning to live with discomfort and uncertainty in a way that surfs the wave of the moment, and responding as Spirit. Each response to life is uniquely tailored to the moment’s need, and not scripted by inspirational quotes and cosmic memes. While we respect the wisdom of our teachers, we also aim to continually cultivate our own.

Spirituality can seem paradoxical to the mind: “Love without restricting the freedom of anyone,” “Surrender to becoming service without attachment to the act of helping,” or “Immerse oneself fully into all aspects of Life having no need to take anything from Life.” In other words, no intention or action can trap you into forging your identity, for you are none other than Spirit unconstrained.

Many practitioners – even those who are advanced – become trapped by feeling that they “deserve something,” which is a need from Life. If one feels like one needs anything at all, then one is still trapped. Some will use their “spiritual status” to justify what they need and get. Eventually, they will need to outgrow that too. Of course you accept from Life what is a gift, but not always each gift from all people. Sometimes you reject gifts because they are given with the intention of personal gain, and such giving does not serve the giver.

You are impersonal and may seem like a foreign entity of some sort, but there is something in you that attracts others (or completely scares them off!). Paradoxically, others feel both love and fear in your presence. What they actually feel is a catalysis to break free and glimpse themselves and their world, thus understanding their potential growth – which can be scary.

Spirituality is not about developing “superpowers” to control Life, but about learning what one needs to learn to Serve Life.

Love, Service, Surrender are capitalized because they are purified of self-absorbed seeking to become complete.

Raw, unfiltered existence requires grit. Even after the Ego is relegated to a tool (like the mind), there are additional layers of various attachments that must be stripped and burned. Why? Because you want to serve the planet from the vantage point of true freedom, which lies beyond what most call enlightenment.

Each transition feels like a form of dying, and then a new birth. This is not an overdramatization – the events of dissolution and reforming are very real. You climb this ladder, pausing only to catch your breath because life in the body is finite, and you must prepare for service while still alive. Dying while alive, over and over, requires nothing short of true grit. The reward? There is none, in the usual sense. But freedom is definitely preferred to illusory traps.

When learning and evolving lacks an agenda for power, control, and the desire to manipulate events, one can never cross the karmic law and will not “fall” to create more chaos after gaining more knowledge. Thus, only the desire to serve the One living being in All is the driver. Of course, there are those who misuse the teachings and feel the high of the dark forces – thus, becoming hooked and addicted. They justify their position, but it is transparent.

It is untrue that all secrets have been revealed. Many remain hidden by Masters of highest awakening because such knowledge without wisdom would ensure the destruction of the human race. They are not Masters in the sense of ownership or control, but they have Mastered safe passage through illusion and the relationship to knowledge and forces at play in our local Universe. No one knows everything! 

Much of what has been revealed is distorted, and now continuously passed through filters on the internet. While memes are fun, and quotes are inspiring, neither will produce a direct positive change in our world without the engagement, active participation, and proper understanding of our evolutionary process. We cannot meditate away people’s karma and all of the accumulated karma of the ages, although some can be lifted from humanity under proper conditions.

Contrary to common belief, a Master must be alive in a body to help others. Once a Master gives up the body, only the energy of his or her essence remains, but not the Living  consciousness that expressed through the body. It is not possible for ascended (dead) Masters to teach from beyond. But living Masters can make themselves available to students across continents. Even then, they are not always available, and the students must be very strong and independent and – always – attentive to the times of teaching and learning.

There are entities all around us, looking to piggy-back on the human experience. We created them over the ages as thought forms in the Astral Plane, and they took on a life of their own. They can pose as guides, angels, Masters, enlightened alien races, demons, and ancient mystics. Of course, we can interact with these entities. But…. they are not the dearly departed enlightened dead, nor are they the higher principles of creation – archangels. Archangels are so beyond our consciousness that personal communication is impossible, but many are too proud to see this truth. People think that angels have time for us, or even the capacity to relate to us as individuals. But they do not. Angels are creative principles – forces at an abstract level, and not personified beings who look like beautiful people with wings. 

There is no Galactic Council on a spaceship. There are no ascension transmissions from Sirius or Pleides or Lyricans. While all these stories are interesting and catch attention, they are grossly misrepresented and are part of the very illusion we deeply wish to transcend.

What’s really at stake is our own ability and desire to evolve. We, in living bodies, must accept and venture forward with this challenge. We do not need to “play” with entities on the Astral Plane to evolve. We are not in a fishbowl being watched by alien races to see how we do. We only need our own connection to Spirit and to World – both ways – for our World to grow and entwine with the Cosmos. We also need living guides who have crossed the charnel ground. Those who think otherwise are simply arrogant and caught in the bramble bushes of self- absorption. Only a tiny fraction of the human race is born enlightened….the rest of us must work hard to drop the pride and arrogance.

A true human Master will foster your growth and independence without interference in your life events. You always choose your next steps, while the Master simply points to the direction for highest evolutionary potential. Even then, the Master must allow your life to unfold and, hence, withhold some information from you.

Entities that claim alien origins and the transmission of messages of guidance are simply flickers in the Astral Plane looking to attract the attention of those who do not believe in the human capacity to independently grow. Why do we need someone in the middle to remind us of trite and cliche statements about self-love and other love – these don’t help us break through our barriers to actually surrender to That! Intellectual understanding is not an effective teacher on how to pull us out of intellectual preoccupation. 

Most channellings are basically repeating the same things over and over – love love love, with no practical steps to bridge the rifts among nations, solve the Earth’s resource problem, or invite others on a path of gritty, uncomfortable overhaul of the individual into the impersonal. Ultimately, how useful and original are these channelings? And how effective are they at getting people to drop their unconscious baggage?

No “transmission” can cause someone wake up and unwind their karma, and any alien cultures are prevented from interfering with our evolution by a wall, which is better left alone to free us from distraction. A true Master can help one see the obstacles and ignite safe passage. Many practitioners go insane when so-called spiritual teachers bring them to the edge of a breakthrough, but cannot buffer the chaotic energies that can arise! And Spirit – the transmission that is always available to everyone – does not come in sporadic waves to incite rapture (as regularly announced by those who claim to be in the know). It is there and everpresent – no newsflash necessary. You can just put your attention on This, with the Intention to surrender your all.

No being on any plane can cause a soul to break free – our souls alone must break free and See our One Soul, out of the  illusion that is the play of physical and metaphysical life. So, why is there so much hype about daily card reading, channelings, and rituals when these things are simple Astral toys?

Sure, it’s much more fun to believe that we can control our reality. But that’s not true beyond what we are allowed by karmic law. People may greatly underestimate this law, which truly does make certain events inevitable. No amount of prayer will change one’s karma – not even full awakening. Awakening and prior karma can and do coexist. Leftover karma must be balanced – by the person alone. Karma is what allows every soul to learn the impact of its actions and no one can outrun that.

I will go on a limb and call New Age “stuff” a set of coping strategies for living in an unpredictable, unstable reality. New Age guidance attempts to make one feel like one has control, when – in fact – the entire point of evolution is to release “control” to Spirit. New Age has become a panoramic joke of jargon and falsehoods, spoken by prideful people avoiding true surrender. If one feels like one has the answer, one knows nothing.

In summary, enlightenment is not an experience, but a gritty run-in with the forces that veil our understanding. Masters are only active while alive in physical bodies. The highest level Masters are unknown and anonymous (and for good reason). Metaphysics does not result in enlightenment. Spirit guides, angels, and alien teachers are posing entities – some benign, others with agendas. Magic – at best – postpones the inevitable and, at worst, generates more karma to unwind later. We alone – the human race – can change our circumstances and our level of awareness by becoming more cohesive as a group force for good, and not separated as a few clairvoyants to serve as middlemen for what is inevitable evolution. 

We have everything we need to do this, including each other, and we must listen to the impersonal living sages, freely sharing the tone of deepening and growth. However, this humble process may be too boring for those who prefer to pretend that they can manipulate their reality and the reality of others – without respect for the evolution of each and collective Soul, and which is impossible to do in a karma-free and clear way that ignites our freedom.

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