A Bodhisattva Vow vs. Ascension

In Buddhism, a Boddhisattva comes to the brink of full enlightenment, but turns his or her “back” to It to stay and help evolution on Earth. This phenomenon is actually more ancient than Buddhism.

When such a vow is made, there is no selfish gratification or self-importance. Neither is there a need to martyr oneself. The decision is “right” and impersonal, while based on loving compassion – there is barely an identity making the choice to stay, as most of the self has identified with the Spirit of the human race as a whole, and perhaps beyond.

Of course, not everyone needs to or does make a Boddhisattva vow. If Nirvana is embraced, it is done. A good question to ask: Is Nirvana (full Union with Spirit) possible for those who pursued it for purely selfish reasons? I will leave this as a question.

I hear many Ascension followers speak with great enthusiam about “leaving” the current state of the Earth to a better place. Some speak of those who are “less than” them spiritually in inhuman terms – as garbage to be left behind (or imply this without words). Such attitudes sadden me deeply for they are the very opposite of surrendering our being to the Union. How can someone who aims for Union cut off a portion of the human race? Is that not selfishness under the guise of spirituality? Is not each soul part of the same Spirit?

If you are climbing a mountain and are the first to scale a peak, do you not reach your hand to help lift up your companions? Or do you say: “Imma gonna keep goin’. See ya when you get here – if you get here?” Should not each person help to their ability?

As I catch glimpses of posts about ascention, “upgrades,” etc., I wonder how such misinformation has gotten so much traction. The attitude that a “better” life is attainable through escape is a divisive rhetoric and ignites a superiority complex in so-called spiritual aspirants. “Ride this wave, get the upgrade!” It’s pure bullshit – there is no nice way to say it.

We are all together in what sometimes feels like “hell.” Eons of karma accumulated by us immersing deeper into matter, and now journeying back to Spirit. We have created our current conditions here and we are all responsible for this globe and for each other.

The Darkness has promulgated the beliefs that some can be “saved” and can move forward, while others must continue to suffer in darkness (“because they deserve it”). And it sounds good and easy – like some are home-free. But it is not so. We must fight the Darkness that breeds separation, stop spreading bullshit about Arcturians or Tarantulas or whoever, coming to take us away – drivel about Love conquers all, when Love and separation are polar opposites! We – the human race – must grow up, mature, and come together in our intentions to be free of illusion, which is fear.

The Earth needs practical solutions of Heart, Will, and Action to help people as they resolve their karma, not abandoned. Some people are working hard behind the scenes to neutralize the karma, as permitted, to lift some of the agony from others. Some are fighting demonic forces to neutralize these – again, as permitted.

There are no Ascended Masters who are dead. That is impossible. Any Master is living if that Master interacts with people directly or at a distance. Dead does not work!  The level of evolution of these Masters is so advanced that they can only communicate with those who can understand them. They send transmissions within our solar system to all and continuously, which we can choose to accept or not. 

These Masters were once like us, but evolved and stuck around. There are ranks within them, where some can directly interface with people on a daily basis – as much as they can handle. Why not aim to be one of such aids to the great Unity of the human consciousness in Spirit, while maintaining all our uniqueness in the process?

Not many make the Boddhisattva vow because it requires a level of evolution where life is no longer personal and one no longer lives for oneself, just very few still attain Nirvana. There are many more peddling shortcuts and promising timelines that are plain false, and for money! True evolution requires serious stamina and one never rejects or runs away from the whole, no matter the obstacle. 

I am grateful for the living Masters who give so much to all of us, eon after eon. They ask for nothing in return. And, we are always free to choose our path. They were like us, once upon a time. And we become like them, eventually.

More than ever, discernment is needed. More than ever, people who call bullshit are needed. The world cannot be helped by memes alone, but by the sweat and toil of each of us immersed in Spirit and World at the frontlines and behind the scenes. We must fight the spread of disinformation by asking “Is this too easy? Is this divisive?” If yes, you decide what you want to do.

When you are dead, you are no longer of use to this world until you return…Without the body, there is no connection to bring in Spirit to World.

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