Let Your Path Be “No-Path”

I’ve traveled the spiritual path – rocky and steep – until I realized that the “path” was just another Illusion.

Then, it was clear – there is another way – “No-Path.”

The entire Universe is already Here. So, you are already Here. 

What if, instead of working to become,  you live as if you are already Being.

See Life as permeating All of Space. Allow the Flash of Realization to Burst through your being and clear all channels – instantly. Spontaneously. If you feel afraid, just throw the Fear onto the pyre and dive into the Fire. You will pass through the flame and emerge Whole. 

Like a Supernova, you can Blaze and Shine Now. The burst blows off much karma and debris – it is powerful.

Snap your fingers. Set you intention on inviting the identification with Spirit “just like that.” You know intuitively what It Is. 

Some – not all – can take the “no-path.” You will know if you can by trying to Live as if you are the Whole birthing itself, spontaneously conscious, radiant, and actively engaged. 

This requires daring Surrender. Without a trace of any doubt. If not in this moment, then catch the next moment, or the next.

The “no-path” is a completely different intention from believing that you are waiting for something. You are not waiting. You are actively engaging the moment. We are all used to waiting, but it  is not the only way.

Tonight, go to sleep with the delight of being Life itself in the body – every cell is alive, every atom, every galaxy. You do know need to step through different scales of existence with your  awareness. Instead, invite the spontaneous ignition of realization and let go into That.

It is a way, and not every-way. It is available. 

If you ignite this Moment and Realize the Whole in a flash of inspiration, don’t worry – you will still need to integrate what happens. But the work is different, conscious, and with less discomfort. No pain, no gain? Sometimes, but not always….Do you Need pain to believe that you are Real?

“It’s hard work to reach enlightenment. It takes many lifetimes.” Maybe not for you. Try with utmost persistence, if you wish. Embrace each moment as The  Opportunity to be Free. No-path is not no-work. It is different work.

Love yourself enough to let go. If you catch the wave, ride it All the Way. 

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