*** This 4-part article series explores the ways aspects of fear, depression, and desire impact our happiness and spiritual evolution. Part 1 is an introduction to basic assumptions about reality that are based on shared experiences of Masters, but are not – by any means – to be followed blindly. ***

Here, we will explore Fear – how it manifests, what causes it, and how to move beyond its grasp on our perception. 

First, the expression of life seems to be all about creating authentic relationships and connections – we are learning how to be One while still being aware of our unique expression of the One. The soul is a “body,” created from the marriage of Spirit and Matter – it is the crux of the human experience, capable of living the seeming paradox of both being infinite and finite. Fear is the opposite of authentic relationship. 

If someone asks you what you fear, you will likely pause and be silent. It seems such a simple and direct question, and yet the answer feels elusive.

Maybe you fear loss of the things and status you have accumulated, or loss of loved ones – deprivation and loneliness. Maybe you fear illness and being helpless or unable to sustain yourself. Maybe you are afraid that you will “fail” at life, depending on how you have defined success. Maybe you are afraid that “you” will die, and then what? The unknown can also feel terrifying. Maybe you are afraid that neither you nor your life has any meaning, despite all your efforts to create meaning. You may also suffer from various phobias, causing you to be restricted in your life movements.

Regardless of how you label your fears, they all point to a common source – that perhaps you are ultimately nothing, while every aspect of you fights to prove to yourself that you are real and have substance.

This is no joke and not to be taken lightly, even if the words read simple enough. When you review and study your life movements, you will likely see how much effort you have expended into creating your identity. You have fought to be a somebody or a nobody – a nobody is still an identity. You fought because you felt your sense of self to be fragile and something that can be easily annihilated. You are afraid that “you” does not really exist to begin with, and all your effort is pointless. This fear is deeply veiled in the unconscious at the individual and collective levels, and we act it out without even fully realizing its powerful dynamic.

Another way to look at the root of fear is doubt, which is mainly why many people have such difficulty genuinely valuing themselves. Self-love feels unattainable when, at the root, one does not believe that one “exists” at all and isn’t sure what the value of life really is.

So, how do you deal with this fear? One way is to try to outrun doubt by creating a solid and untouchable identity, where you convince yourself that you are it and act as if nothing can destroy your perception and presentation of yourself. You work very hard to maintain your beliefs system because it never feels like a “sure thing.” You may even end up breaking connection with our shared reality to assert a specific position for yourself. There, you feel safe.

Another way to handle fear is to regiment your life and fight to maintain control over its every aspect. If you find people who are willing to put up with you running their lives, then you feel relief. You feel like you have won. However, most people resent being enslaved and periodically rebel against manipulation – even if they appear to be weaker than you. Then, you resort to the various tactics of inducing fear and overt or subtle “convincing” to maintain your sense of control over situations and people. You may be viewed as a bully or even an abuser. You may be highly intelligent and sound like you are speaking truth, but at the root you are denigrating people and living off their submission to prop yourself up.

Yet another potent way to handle fear is to give into it completely and embrace the feeling of powerlessness. You may be afraid to speak, to touch, to taste, to listen, and to look, breaking contact with most aspects of our shared life experience and only letting in bits and pieces on your own terms. Even under this seeming helplessness lies a form of control. You may also decide that you want to completely numb your fear and look for escape through drugs. Heroin, opioids, alcohol, and other substances alter your chemistry and take you away from reality. I’ve recently learned from the New York Times that the use of fentanyl is on a rapid rise (and much of it comes from labs in Asia). Certainly, getting a country addicted to drugs can be viewed as chemical warfare and destabilize the country – but many users feel like they have no choice. The more they use, the weaker and disengaged they become. Fear spans countries.

Being afraid always results in creating your own, isolated reality where you mostly feel safe. I say “mostly” because you do not really feel safe and you must exert extraordinary energy to maintain your reality. In all cases, you end up cut off from feeling beyond your bubble (which can pop at any moment), and you have broken relationship to Life. Because this illusion is preferable to the possibility that you don’t exist, you will fight hard to maintain it – using every strategy and filter in the book. This is the Ego – the mechanism that alters perception of reality to make you believe that you are real at any cost – even at the cost of truth.

You can probably see how the root fear affects every aspect of your daily life and every relationship. And, you may not want to see this….

What’s interesting is that the doubt of your reality actually serves as the driving force to create your identity and ground you in the physical world, which is not a negative. However, this process may have gone too far and now blinds one to one’s intrinsic value. The spiritual path is about bringing you out of the doubt and helping you to realize what you really are. Instead of thinking that you are physical reaching for the Infinite, you undergo a reversal and feel that you are Spirit reaching through to relate to the physical. Relatively few embark on the journey of dismantling the Ego because, paradoxically, it feels like dying – and requires tremendous courage to pass through this ring of fire. Relatively few have managed to transcend the Ego and relegate its function to its proper place. Hopefully, more will see this path as an option out of fear so that they can see with the “eyes” of Spirit. That is the only sure way to see fear as a predominant illusion that currently drives so much of our world.

To make things even more interesting, your individual fear is not self-contained and isolated – you are part of a much larger reality, and you plug into it whether you are aware of it or not. You radiate your fear – mostly unconsciously into the collective unconscious of the human race. Your fear combines with the fear energy of others, and eventually becomes self-directed and intelligent. All of this energy circulates freely through the Astral Plane, which is not really a separate place – it permeates the denser Earth level. This collective fear feeds back through individuals and groups, who take action and cause various unfortunate events around the world. The Astral Plane continues to be a dumping ground for nearly all illusory energies, and its contents has been building over centuries.

Because we as individuals live in a greater Reality, we can sense the Whole but do not understand it and have no real relationship to It. Although unconscious, our experience of the Whole can feel overwhelming and cause a fear response – the need to shut off to the Whole. Furthermore, we can sense that our experience of life is limited, and our perceptions are translated into this limitation as a form of Failure.

If you are susceptible to fear, you will draw to yourself currents of the fear of others. These currents will become part of your psyche and nearly indistinguishable from your own. Some people may become so overwhelmed that they begin to feel like they are losing their minds, become erratic, and their view of reality becomes distorted. Of course, such a cycle creates chemical imbalances in people that may require stabilizing medications. While I do not believe that every disturbance must be medicated, in some cases, medication is a necessary emergency stabilizing measure to allow the soul to progress. With a compassionate doctor and the lowest possible dosage, it is possible to continue the work toward freedom without being swallowed up by the vastness of the forces that continuously influence us.

Fear and its influence on our perceptions and interpretation of Life are a vast subject, and its source occurs on multiple scales. But how can we deal with it in everyday life, and at our current level of evolution? It turns out that our attention and intention are critical to allow us to grow safely and at the pace that is right for us. Here are a few suggestions – take the ones that resonate with you and discard the rest:

  • Set your intention to reflect back any foreign energies back to their source: “I will anything and everything that does not promote my highest good, on any and all levels, to return to its source. I invite all that is for my highest good into my life. I am safe to grow and build a relationship to life at the appropriate pace for me.”
  • Set your intention to become aware of the ways you dislike and even hate yourself, and ask for that to be cleared from your system: “I am OK with discovering who I really am. I will for any thoughts and feelings against myself, on any and all levels, to become visible and surrender them to the energy of the highest good. I ask that I learn to see and use my unique gifts. I am from a Loving Source.”
  • Set your intention to clear people and influences from your life that make you feel bad about yourself: “I will to release any and all people, on any and all levels, who do not support my highest good. I invite people and influences who will lovingly support my growth and teach me how to love myself. I deserve to be loved. I deserve to be Love.
  • Avoid putting out energy, in thoughts or in words, that puts other people down to justify your position.
  • Ask that you become open and available to the range of possibilities in life that lead you to your true freedom from illusion and to your fullest expression as a Life, at a pace that is appropriate for your growth.
    Note: It is very important not to rush spiritual opening, as it can actually open you too quickly and slow down your progress.
  • Avoid exploring psychic phenomenon and mediumship, as this puts you smack center into the vast ocean of the Astral Plane. 
    Most Masters only venture into the Astral Plane to do balancing work, where karmically allowed – they do not go there to “play” or experience phenomena.
  • Look for opportunities to Serve others without expecting anything in return. Those who experience fulfillment from service are feeding on something. True service is loving, giving, the opposite of self-absorbed, and does not dwell on the fruits of any labor. You must also know how much you truly can offer without over-giving – that is taking care of yourself and is self-love. It is too easy to get caught up in Ego games with service!
    If properly and selflessly engaged, Service opens one up to the collective of Life in a healed way.
  • Cultivate creativity. This is perhaps the most important way to disengage from fear energy on any level. If you are in the flow and doing something you love, fear will be actually repelled from you and Love is invited!
  • Practice a humble approach in all your relationships, but don’t take any shit. Many people confuse humbleness and willingness to listen with weakness and naivete. Just stay true to yourself, and walk away from situations that do not value your authenticity.
    Pay attention to your body when you interact with others – are you at ease, comfortable, relaxed, creative? If not, is it you? If not you, is it the dynamic? Walk away from it for awhile and study what happened. You may find that most people will play various games because of their fears, but you are not required to participate.

Before you can identify with Spirit – or perhaps in parallel, you must form a strong individual identity and establish a way to form healed relationships in your life. Clear out all self-hatred and stay open to the possibility that you are the beautiful, bright, shining Light of Spirit – even if you don’t fully feel it yet. If you don’t rush and don’t push your awakening, fear will eventually cease to be a part of your experience and Life will just simply unfold.


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