From Mundane to Magical

Life does not have to feel lackluster. When did the magic end for you?

Perhaps there was loss, pain, and anger. Perhaps you realized that regimenting your day made your life “work,” but you paid with your freedom. Perhaps you have seen and felt everything you can imagine. Then, something solid and rigid set in – something that you now call “you.” And that “you” is not someone you love. Without love, magic withers and gives way to the mundane.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The infinite is always knocking on your door, but you make choices to focus on other things. You are free and you can choose to set aside time every day to remember yourself. You can buy a box of crayons and color or draw. You can remember yourself while waiting in line, driving in your car, or sitting on your patio. You can build with Legos. Whatever brings back that curiousity and wonder. 

You can choose to turn your life over to the infinite and become everything you currently seek from somewhere else. It won’t happen overnight, but every gesture builds on the previous. Yearning is never wasted.

Sure, there will be resistance, judgement, and justification. If you can catch these and see these, you know they are not you.

If you could only see yourself the way I see you. There are no words. But you hide from yourself. Could it be that thevsimole practice of meditation is all you need?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for how to bring your magic back. So you have to take the leap of faith and allow and invite magic back into your life – the kind that begins deep in the heart and knows no separation. The kind that embraces uniqueness and explores, without looking for recipes with pictures and numbered steps.

I know – this is hard. Too much has happened to make us forget. But it’s never too late. Every moment is an opportunity – and the moment knows no time. The moment is indifferent to insecurities and doubt. It is the true magic.

All you have to do in this life is learn to be yourself. You are not your body or your feelings or your thoughts…. So, who are you? Each one has to yearn to know this, and each one needs a different key to unlock the light of the soul. May you rediscover your magic just by putting your attention on it. May you let go of all that you are not… if not in this moment, then in the next…or the next.

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