Can We Please Stop Spiritual Jargon and Inappropriately Invoking Physics?

If you listen to certain spiritual teachers, like Thich Nat Hanh, the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, and Pema Chodron, you won’t hear a single word you don’t understand. There are many more examples of such teachers, but I listed only a few. That’s great news because truth is simple and relevant to everyone.  Almost everyone is interested in what life is all about and tries to make sense of it all.

However, the recent opportunities  presented as evolution in human awareness – an all inclusive phenomenon that should exclude absolutely no person or culture  – has produced much jargon. If a person doesn’t know about Ascension, 5th Dimension, Increasing Vibration, Consciousness Shift , they are totally out of the loop. Why this new form of exclusivity? 

I’ve also learned that people define these ideas differently, use them in conversation, and assume everyone means the same thing. This does not make for a clear exchange of ideas. When listening closely, it is clear that few live what they claim to live…. It is a show.

OK, maybe we need a new language to describe our evolution. I agree. But, isn’t it obvious that we still don’t have one?

Furthermore, too many people who don’t know physics claim how quantum mechanics or Einstein fully support what is going on spiritually. Physics explanations of spiritualism sound as if someone took a bunch of physics words and randomly generated a sentence with a subject, action, and object. As a physicist, let me say this:  1st, physicists don’t have a clue what these “spiritual terms” mean in any scientific and measurable (precise) way. 2nd, there is nothing in quantum mechanics or in Einstein’s writing that even vaguely supports what people are talking about. The fact that Michio Kaku writes books about parallel worlds to make money (because people are interested) doesn’t help – he hasn’t done real physics in ages and sold out. “Parallel worlds” and “multiple realities” are particular interpretations of quantum theory, but an interpretation is not a proven, workable fact to support anything. Here’s just one of many examples of invoking physics that is as far from physics as one can get:

Quantum physics has proven that our thoughts create our reality and that everything is energy vibrating at a certain resonance. A dimension is a gathering of a particular resonance, with the edges of that dimension overlapping into the edges of the next dimension.

No, there is no conspiracy among the physics community – I witnessed it first-hand, and physics research just doesn’t work like that. No, physicists are not all close-minded – they continuously look for ways to push the envelope of our understanding of nature in a way that follows strict investigation methods – much like detective work. And, no, I am not overusing my mind – I can live as awareness and work to reconcile my direct experience with the more solid, static expressions of this world.

Finally, channelled writing has become as widespread as “found footage” movies. “Dear Ones…”, many begin…. I’ve read my share wondering what the point is – to tell me that I am love? To tell me that the Earth needs to be healed, or that our ability to live on the Earth needs to be healed? To tell me that the human race must be less self-absorbed and more open to possibilities? Isn’t all of this obvious? This is nothing most of us don’t already know. 

Why not live – simply live – and discover day-by-day who we really are? Why do we need some mothership to make life – which is already plenty interesting – interesting? I know about entities that love to piggy-back on the human experience. Why give up our power to anything before we’ve even fully claimed it? Where is the discernment to test the value of what is shared by external sources?

And, what are the sources of these channelled writings? In most cases – who knows which of the gazillion entities with an agenda decides to pipe in….The claims are quite grandiose – archangels, angels, ascended masters, and aliens. An entity can claim to be anything at all! For example, one source claims to be from Orion, which is a constellation of stars that make a pattern in the sky. But these stars are not even close to each other! In fact, most constellations are just projections on the sky, while the actual stars are separated by great distances. “Well, it’s on the other planes of existence- not physical!” OK – so what? What have you learned that you don’t already know? 

Jargon is dazzling. Physics appears to give credibility to spirit, even as many hypocritically shun scientists as close-minded and clueless. Aliens are out of this world. And people, I guess, like dazzling and credible.

But truth is simple. No jargon changes the fact that each of us must listen, learn, discern, and directly experience reality for ourselves – without filters and blinders. We already know this in our hearts. But we continue to seek answers that satisfy the mind, be the center of conversation, and appear evolved to others. How long are we going to keep talking about loving instead of just directly embracing every aspect of our existence – and doing it?

Is there value in developing a modern language to describe spiritual evolution? Yes. Can physics explain our spiritual experience – even in part? Possibly, let’s keep looking. Are some channelled writings able to help us change our lives for the better? Yes. 

When we communicate, we have a choice to be clear, direct, and authentic. We also have a choice to be silent and listen – really listen. We have a choice to live with the questions as a kind of yearning that brings us closer. But that requires a humble heart, internal checks and balances that are always “on,” and the patience to allow and invite happiness directly to live.

I’ll leave you with this….

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