No Monopolies On Truth

What if we define truth as authentic being inspired by direct immersion in the infinite (divine, God, etc.) while fully expressing through the finite?

When I had my first hint that life was more than tasks, distractions, and responsibilities, I read many books about “truth.” At that time, I imagined truth to be a set of facts about life, verifiable by experience. I dutifully cross-checked my facts in search of universal ideas resonating across cultures. I followed the prescribed practices.  

This approach fit well with my overemphasis on using the mind to make sense of life. The mind had served me well up to that point, so I started my search for truth with what I most valued about myself. I was a dedicated “fact-checker” and a student of inconsistencies across ideas – and I loved my ability.

My teacher often flagged my overuse of the mind as a limitation. This insight bothered me tremendously because the mind was all I knew and I had a hard time stepping into pure awareness. 

When I had my first breakthrough, it became clear that thought and emotion were only extentions of a filtered perception. After seeing the mind and emotions for what they were, it was obvious that I was neither my thoughts nor my emotions. However, I still believed that truth was a kind of word dogma, distilled to guide life.

After the second transformation, when I began to identify with an awarenesss that watched the world arise moment to moment, I realized that I could not easily describe this way of life. It was far easier to just live and continue to surrender to what was living me. I saw hints of what my life had become in poems and art, but not in prescriptive words.

After the third transformation when “I” dissolved and there was no need to identify with anything, I was no longer sure what truth was – except happiness and bliss.  My life is still full of tasks and responsibilities, but – paradoxically – there is no one doing them while all of “me” is fully engaged.  Truth began to look more like direct awareness than something factual or prescriptive. Truth took on the form of living without a “middle-man.” With the mind quiet, there was no longer a sountrack to my life. With the emotions separated from identity, there was no need to ever stop feeling happy amidst life’s apparent ups and downs – or, to block feeling anything at all. So, truth became just living without filters.

However, truth is different to me from what I consider to be true….

Do most people identify with a filtered perception of life (ego)? Yes. Does this filtered perception cause most people to be unhappy, angry, frustrated, sad, ambitious, self-loathing, dominating, submissive, destructive, clingy,  irresponsible? Yes. Does this filtered perception cause some to claim to be “chosen,” special, gifted, privileged, or on a “divine mission”? Sure. Does any of this matter in the big scheme of things? Not really.

Breaking through the chains of perception is perhaps the toughest thing anyone will ever try to do. The chains are custom-fit to our unique makeup to avoid detection. That is why it is so difficult to break free – just when we think we have a handle on what we must do, the ego adapts and justifies yet another self-absorbed belief or action. I am grateful to my teacher for continuously catching me in a blind spot and resetting me to see the illusion trap. Without such continuous feedback from an awake being, it is very difficult to keep from deluding oneself. 

Many have not had the experience of being caught in an egoic act by clear and direct insight, and yet the result of accepting such confrontation is a series of (temporary) moments when one knows who they are not. Eventually, realization is permanent. Until then, the ego fights – the closer one gets to freedom, the harder the ego fights to maintain its lock on one’s worldview. The ego is a habit – it is neither good nor evil – but is does tend to present a very limited view of self, life, and others, while also serving its primary purpose of grounding us into physical life.

I have encountered many powerful and gifted beings who are, nevertheless, trapped in illusion and remain blind to egoic hold on them. Unfortunately, power is not always wisdom and rarely of the humble kind. Because of their accumulated power, their ego is even stronger. They pay lip service to being free, but the way they handle even the gentlest confrontation makes their bind all too clear. Claiming “martyrdom” and “sacrifice” – a death while still living is a sure sign of an ego lurking. It – the ego – is just as pleased to assert itself in the negative as the positive. Allowing “adoring, docile fans” to sing praises unchecked and looking for blind affirmers of “divine visions,” refusing other feedback and learning – check. Luring others in by promising them “immortality” – also check. 

“You are angry because you see your reflection”, meaning “I have transcended all and simply reflect you” is now a cliche, unfortunately. Many say this, but not all are true to the claim. Be careful and search your soul. Ask for clarity. Do walk away from anyone who is enthralled with merely shifting responsibility without truly having the ability to “mirror.” “You don’t see me for who I am” is another statement that needs to be carefully evaluated from a professed spiritual leader. While that may be true for true teachers, others just toss the phrase around to take power from people – perhaps even unknowingly.

Any “teachers” who fail to treat their students as equals and refuse to share in the mutual learning are simply a dominating force and possible false prophets. They are transparent and predictable, and eventually their following will disband. Of course, such teachers will justify the outcome without taking responsibility.

Any “teachers” who speak of humanity with disgust or as “tarnished souls” while claiming trying to save it raise their own red flag. An egoless being can only Love – that much is just true and shared by all religions. Yes, the ego-ridden human race generates issues, but acknowledging this is different than demeaning the very beings one wishes to help.

Some have said to me: “I am in the 5th dimension- which dimension are you?” I remember thinking If you claim to live in an advanced dimension, why do you need to ask me? Why does it matter? 

Also, there are beings and various entities claiming to help the human race. But are they free from illusion? Do they carry their own form of being trapped? What does their ego look like? Just because an entity claims advanced evolution, is that really so? If you have to deny yourself to serve another, it is unlikely you are on the path to freedom. While some channeled information is clean of agenda, other is not. Many take all channelings at face value, with reverence, and no questions asked – why? How does this cultivate our breaking through and becoming who we are? People give away their power and hide behind some “higher entity,” saying “I was told…” or “I was asked to do …”. How is this about our evolution? Taking responsibility? Honoring our union with the source without a gatekeeper? Channeling can be like a drug, as one is intoxicated with the energy of those from other dimensions. Do not fall prey to the power coursing through your veins if it is not yours. 

When you truly have broken free from the ego, you have no need to control, orchestrate, demean, condescend, patronize, attack, deflect, defend, claim righteousness, or blame. If you do these things, regardless of how skillfully or politely, you are still stuck and, probably, feeding on some sense of superior knowledge or sense of power. Those who either seek or inadvertently find power are in the most difficult position because they fear that they have more to lose and do wear a cloak of enough wisdom to fool many.

Non-truth appears to be ubiquitous and  normal. We must all go through it and come out on the other side. There is a monopoly on illusion and – so what? Let’s keep it real…it is what it is. However, truth appears to be very ordinary in every way – just living without blinders or filters. Such living seems to still be rare. However, once it occurs, there is no mistaking it. Furthermore, as the learning continues, there is a kind of fail safe put in place that continuously questions oneself and does not assume being right. Only after much introspection does one determine the path of least illusion – the opposite of blindly following some playbook and defending a position (no matter how righteous the justifications).

Once authentic being inspired by direct immersion in the infinite becomes the norm, all facts fall away and living takes priority. Service becomes natural. Creativity overflows. Time stops, but never happiness. I imagine such living would take a unique form for each of us. There is not likely to be a monopoly on such truth, and no facts, dogmas, or quests to save the entire world.

More and more, I feel like the world will continue to evolve one genuine interaction at a time – by touching one life at a time and giving freely to those who yearn for freedom. It seems so simple. So free of pomp and fanfare.

Ask yourself – why do most true Masters remain hidden in plain sight? Maybe because evolution cannot be rushed or forced. Maybe because we need to live and learn. And maybe because they wait for the right moments to help us release ourselves from our chains and realize that we never ever fell short of anything at all.

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