Inviting Earth Into the Heart

I asked the Earth what she needs that I could humbly offer in her service.

I asked consciousness how it wishes to be expressed.

I bowed my head and offered all of myself – known and yet to be discovered – to the grace living all beings.

I walk about the planes of existence and create pillars of light to bind the darkness. Since childhood, I built energy structures in the invisible realms and played with them. But it was only play back then….

Now, I see the energy structures and gates as part of the labyrinth of healing – dynamic and evolving. The ancient art of placing unseen, yet potent constructions at key location on the planet is a service performed by many and over eons. I feel these humble beings working tirelessly.

The shapes arise by intention and are imbued with consciousness, forging connections on a sophisticated network  started by the Masters before time. All intention is sealed by love. Changes are made when necessary – which is often.

As I feel the Earth, my heart – a vortex with no beginning or end – burns ever more brightly. She enters my heart, and I invite her. Here, there is no concept of size as we know it, and it is possible to embrace an entire planet in a heart.

Every day is a renewed outpouring of tenderness and care in simple expressions. Life is a sacred ritual best served in the moment.

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