The Power of Intention

Intention is the will behind thoughts, words, and actions. What we want, consciously or unconsciously, is clear to others who observe our body language and actions, and listen to how and what we say. Most of our communication is nonverbal, and most of what people remember about us is their perception of our intention – not really the details.

Some people advertise methods for controlling our intention to attract money, fame, love, and power – whatever we want. They say we need to combine visualization and our will to manifest or cocreate a more desirable reality. Does reality really work this way? If it did, how different would our world be now? 

Unfortunately, our intention is mostly unconscious and we cannot override it with visuals and positive phrases. Although these do help to temporarily boost how we feel, the unconscious eventually wins.

Intention is literally where we are coming from, which is often a jumbled and inconsistent set of beliefs about ourselves and life in general. These beliefs lie at the core of our being, forged over time by our life experiences and predispositions. Once our intentions set in, they are slow to change – regadless of how we try to manipulate our surface affect.

So, how do we discover our true intentions – unconsciousness and all? How do we make visible what is hidden? Which beliefs are really running our lives, as we walk about and interact with the world?

One way is to ask for a teacher – someone who can help to expose the you that is secret by reflecting to you your unconscious drivers. Another way is to simply listen to the recurring feedback from the world about how you present yourself. Are you kind or cruel, or both – depending on the situation? Are you gentle or agressive? Do you have a bias toward people of the same or opposite sex? Do you stereotype, condescend, or dominate? Are you open to truly appreciating the beauty of another?

Typically, the very people who irritate and annoy you in life hold the most lessons about your true intentions. These people feel no need to please you or enable you. They don’t play along. If you discard the caustic nature with which they may interact with you and truly see who they are reflecting to you, there is gold in their feedback. You may not like what you see, and that is probably because what you see hit a home run with your unconscious.

I often hear people talk about their “Higher Self”…. They may feel like they can access everything they need by themselves. There may be an air of overconfidence emanating from such people. My experience is that freedom is “No Self”, not a “Higher Self,” and that there are more evolved beings who are always needed to break a being out of their self absorption – possibly within a lifetime. Ironically, some individuals who claim enlightenment are simply a very strong ego, mesmerizing others with their overconfidence. While believing that they are enlightened, these souls are actually stuck. What are their intentions? How are they seeking self-affirmation from others?

An awake being who is completely free from self absorption is just there as “No Self,” with happiness and gifts simply going to anyone and everyone. Such a being sees directly through intentions, and their consciousness of a person helps that person to gain the courage to witness who they are not. Over time, that person prepares to see who they truly are. Regardless of how one chooses to transform simple attention to pure intention, the unconscious must be witnessed to unlock the clear stream of pure awareness that underlies all there is.