Peace Through Confrontation

Everyday human interactions often fall short of building strong relationships that are based on happiness, positivity, and mutual respect. Why is that?

The world is an ocean of dueling perspectives, as people take the actions that are most likely to assert their self image and world view. There is an overwhelming drive to feel real, and people will do, think, and feel whatever  brings them closer to experiencing their own flesh and blood, a sense of power or powerlessness, and a belief of having it all, something, or nothing. “Feeling real”  is the equivalent of having the world continuously affirm one’s self- and world view, while feeling “nothing” is a crisis to be avoided or battled at all costs. “Feeling real” is one and the same as feeling loved, but most people experience neither and look for their world to prove love to them.

One’s perception of how real one is forms the undertoe that churns and shapeshifts our dynamics. A person may feel real in being an agressor or a victim – the polarity of the worldview does not matter. So much effort is expended on this “feeling real loved” game that the true nature of existence is veiled. So, conflict is sure to arise among and within those whose self perception must be endlessly reinforced.

Agendas swirl around in eddies at all scales – from individual to intercontinental. Individuals, families, friends, communities, and countries interlock in intricate patterns of compatible world views – either allied or at war. Politics – at all levels – is the dance that takes place among those who feel like they are always lacking something vital. Dominance, manipulation, and inappropriate boundaries ebb and flow, generating reactions and further conflict. 

Beyond this chaotic soup of self-affirmation is a way of being where you feel connected and whole, nothing is missing, and it is unnecessary to use the world for self validation. Instead, the world becomes an extension of pure awareness exploring all possibilities. All games and machinations become transparent.

Now, how does someone who is firmly and unconditionally grounded in feeling and being real and loved relate to those who believe they are shadows? Sadly, it is difficult for an awake being to relate to illusion. The process of communicating with someone caught up in doubt is a work of compassion – confronting debilitating beliefs and supporting deeper insights and gestures. 

While many envision enlightened beings as softspoken and gentle individuals, this view is incomplete. One who is awake will adjust their energy output to whatever is coming in. Often, direct and strong confrontation arises naturally to neutralize illusion. Strong, precise words. Volume.  Fire to break up impacted delusions and soften receptivity to the fact that one is already complete and completely loved at the very core of one’s being. The person who receives this kind of confrontation will likely go into a temporary and powerful crisis, during which time they are available to new awareness.

An awakened being shouts or laughs with only the energy needed to shatter strong patterns of illusion without ever feeling any emotional drive. There is no anger and no malice. There is no retaliation or the need to control. The idea of manipulation is foreign. Such confrontation is just a simple response to restore peace and open a space for healing. 

Spontaneous and grounded in love, enlightened beings turn “complicated” into “simple.” Our core nature is simple, but self doubt creates a complex webwork of illusion that binds anyone who is susceptible to its pull. Awake confrontation is not conflict – it is peace and a gesture of love.