Enlightenment and Everyday Life

We may picture enlightened beings living in the mountains, sitting in lotus posture for days, or walking pilgrimages to holy lands. However, there are enlightened beings living in everyday world – both the East and the West. You may not recognize their state  if you see them on the street, in the grocery store, or in the restaurant. Unless they feel drawn to teaching others that unconditional happiness is possible, it is unlikely that they want others to know about their transformed awareness. 

It turns out that living a typical life is very challenging for an enlightened being – mostly for the other people. That presence has a strong effect on people, which can be either positive or negative. While such a being is grounded in surrender to the infinite, others can experience fear, discomfort, or  anger in their presence. Most people are unsure why they feel what they feel, and their reactions can be quite intense. Without saying a word, an enlightened being will either be adored or hated, crises and dysfunction will come out of hiding,  and people’s true colors will become clear and visible without any apparent overt triggers. 

So, an enlightened being who lives a life in society and works within societal structures may have a hard time “blending in,” as the surrounding people experience that energy. Many do not want to awaken yet, and that presence is an irritant to them – especially with long-term exposure. People may have strong resistance to the innocent being and want to hurt them – either physically, verbally, or on other levels. In the West, there is not much talk about the possibility of being around someone who has the ability to see right through them, and no talk about the change and instability such an energy may bring about as it naturally inspires deeper healing.

At this time, Western culture is not really set up for having enlightened beings work mainstream jobs. However, it is not necessarily the case that such beings should hide in secluded communities that are immersed in spiritual life. In fact, more are now being called to walk amidst everyday life on the frontlines, holding regular jobs and having families. However, it is often necessary for such beings to manage their own businesses, rather than work for someone else, and to have more flexibility to do what they feel is needed.

To the enlightened being, it is just a part of their life to continue to be who they are, do what creatively expresses who they are, and respond to events as they come. Such a life is interesting, for sure, and primarily in constant flux at this time in Earth’s history. These nomads are in this world but are no longer of it. They have no agenda and they don’t ask for recognition or gratitude. Being steeped in the infinite is all there is, and they are learning how to be in the world. There is always more to learn….