Our Hidden World and the Source of Evil

The World we see is only a small fraction of what is actually happening all around us.

I find it very interesting that it is this “hidden” part of our reality that seems to move and shape everything we experience – from physical objects, to emotions, to thoughts.  Whatever this hidden network is, it provides the energy for changing our perceptions and awareness of our world. What is this hidden grid? It is light? Is it a different kind of matter? As a scientist, I cannot explain it. However, my experience of how we all affect one another through our intentions, thoughts, and actions, is very real.

In the New Age circles, this effect is ascribed to “energies.” However, that doesn’t really explain anything – it’s only a label. But I do understand that there is a fabric that interconnects us all. Depending on how attuned we are to this influence, we experience more or less of information continuously streaming to us from life.

One way life energy moves beyond our direct senses has been called the Astral Plane. I experience this plane, in part, as a collection our emotions, mental processing, and sexual energy. As we move about our day and generate these energies, they flow through this unseen vista.

I do not feel the Astral Plane as something separate from us, or being in some other place. It is all around us. The Astral Plane is just a lump name for how we exchange some of our life experiences on a daily basis.

astral plane
What we focus on the most becomes part of the soup of energies in the Astral Plane. This energy is always around us, just beyond our conscious awareness. We continuously give and take from this Ego Hive soup.

I sketched a picture (above) of what I can see going on with these different emotional, mental, and sexual energies. These energies funnel into the Astral Plane as part of our natural daily life – from us! Because these energies are primarily generated by our Egos, they become a kind of collective Ego Hive – the combined result of all our joy, sadness, happiness, anger, confusion, lust, and mental processing of our life situations.
The energy we dump does not stay in the Astral Plane, but flows back into and through the various people. Just as we are continuously exposed to the unseen radiation of our power generators, cell phones, and transmitted signals all around us (and we don’t consciously feel them), we are continuously surrounded by the Ego Hive energy.

Astral Plane energies can come back into any person who is open and susceptible to receiving them. It is true what they say – sometimes when we feel something, it did not necessarily start with us, nor is it our responsibility to take it on. Part of spiritual practice is learning to discern these energies and block the destructive types from joining with our awareness.

What’s even more interesting  is that the energies on the Astral Plane can self-organize and form Entities. Essentially, some of our feelings and intentions take on a life of their own, although they are not alive in a body, and begin to move with purpose and direction to find living people who will channel them. I’ve shown these emerging Entities as red vortexes that arise out of the Ego Hive and enter some person or group, who then begins to act out this energy.

The vortex energies that form naturally in the Astral Plane will move around and gather strength – like winds moving on the earth and becoming storms. Some vortexes become very powerful and seek “hosts” that are powerful – whether financially, physically, or in terms of their ability to influence a large number of people.

From the Infinite’s perspective, there is no good or evil. However, in our everyday lives, we clearly see events and people that are destructive to the welfare of others. Some of the influences behind destruction seem “intelligent” and driven by purpose. In such cases, it is likely that certain people and groups in power have become receptacles for these destructive vortexes and channel them into our world. Some of the more destructive entities are actually invoked by people deliberately to achieve self-centered goals!

Some people pray to Satan or whatever dark “deities” they choose. This is a confused action, since such entities have no true power, except to manipulate perception (create illusion) – they appear to feed on our energy, but only because we give them something to latch onto.

I understand why people worship Evil. When a powerful vortex from the Astral Plane enters a being  or a group, these people literally get high from that experience – the sense of purpose, power to do anything (or so it seems), belonging is so intense that people can’t resist it. “Powerful is the Dark Side” – or, the chemical reaction in our brains that this much energy produces as it engages with our bodies and minds.

Ultimately, the “high” someone can get from powerful vortex energies coming from the Astral Plane is limited. This temporary elation is nothing compared to what you feel when your awareness identifies with your true nature – happiness. People who believe they have discovered “power” from a dark source are trapped in limitation and cannot see through it. The more bound they become, the less they can see clearly.

Is there “good” on the Astral Plane? If you define “good” as anything to support the balance and well being of all living on the planet, then such energy appears to be limited on the Astral Plane. At best, Astral Plane energy is neutral information.

Most of what feeds us and on us is a reflection of what we spend most of our time thinking and feeling. Usually, we want something, hate something, are extremely attached to something, obsessed with something, disconnected from something – these are the energies that we attract. There are also other energies of a similar kind, attracted to our realm from other dimensions of existence. Even obsession with “good” can attract posing energies that claim to help, but really just want to feed on our passion. As humans, we must discover our own power and connection to the divine.

People who are unconscious of Astral Plane energies are vulnerable unless they make a conscious effort to draw clear boundaries of what they allow to come in. For example, someone who is angry or sad may attract a vortex that is filled with a directive for vengeance, will get intoxicated by that sense of purpose and power, and begin to enact it in his or her daily life. At the initial stages of practice, visualization tools and meditation are effective at reflecting negativity back to its source. You can set the intention that a mirror is reflecting all negativity from you back to its source, and hold that intention in the space of meditation. As you continue to evolve, a Light web strengthens around now and naturally repels all that is not of Its kind.

Drugs and alcohol are particularly dangerous in leaving a person vulnerable to becoming an instrument of darker forces. Pornography is also a magnet for these energies, tapping into a desire-driven (rather than love-guided) sexual energy of the planet. Sexual energy, by itself, is not bad, of course. However, it becomes destructive and “sticky” when it is layered with attachment and distorted with self-absorption and manipulative games. When we are free from mood- and perception-altering substances and influences, some of our natural defenses are more likely to kick in and block dark vortexes.

You may already be very aware all that you feel and experience as you go through your daily life – the source of your emotions and urges. You may be able to discern what is originating from you, and what does not belong to you.

If not, set your intention to reflect anything that does not directly belong to you and to your realm of responsibility. Your intentions are your natural protective system that does not require any magic spells. Pray for help and clarity in resolving anything that is unresolved and festering in your life so that you can emanate love and grow stronger. The skill of discernment and clearing up your own energy field is necessary preparation for further awakening.

Fortunately, awakening cuts right through the complex and the unnecessary – including dark influences, and makes life much simpler – although not necessarily easier.


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