The Tree of Life

Drenched in golden sunlight, a blossom on a tree branch became aware of itself. Although it had experienced the feeling of having petals before, and the sensations of light and water, today the feeling was different. For the first time, it felt beautiful and happy. It knew what beauty was – an entirely new wave of awareness. All the previous days of feeling sensations could not equal the knowing that it was alive.

The blossom was so happy with this newfound awakening that it relaxed and allowed itself to feel the branch that held it. And then, it knew that it was not alone. Feeling beyond its connection to the branch, it became aware of the other blossoms. It could feel them resting sleepily, unaware of who they are. The blossom felt even more joy, admiring each and every one of the others. No two blossoms were the same, although all rested on the same branch. It felt all of them connected, and yet each was unique onto itself. It was, after all, all of them too.

The happiness of knowing and feeling the connection to others was so incredible that the blossom released its awareness into the branch. At that point, it no longer knew itself to be a blossom, but felt itself to be the branch. It had never felt such vastness. How far did it go? 

Now, as the branch, it was conscious in an entirely new way. There was the light and the water and all of the blossoms that it carried. It felt full, expansive, and drenched in warmth. It felt the lifeblood of the branch and became enamored with its flow. In an unexpected moment, it let go into the lifeblood and felt itself as the lifeblood of all, nourishing the branch – the many branches.

It was everywhere at the same time, and yet nowhere in particular. It felt the many branches, the many blossoms, and the trunk where all joined. It was evermore happy to continue to expand its awareness, no longer quite sure what it was.

For immeasurable time, it flowed and nourished the tree. It was in the tree but not of the tree. It was aware of all change, continuous change, and there was only the moment, the lifeblood, and the happiness.

Then, it had released itself once again and felt the roots. It now knew the entire tree as itself. But not stopping there, it knew the soil where the tree lived. It knew itself as the soil, the roots, the trees, their branches, and all the blossoms.

Time had stopped long ago, but the expansion continued. For, as the soil, it knew many trees, countless trees. As the soil, it eventually knew itself as an entire planet. With each breath, it felt life waxing and waning. It was the earth and the water, and further it reached – into space, as space. 

The blossom knew itself as the universe now. In a fiery blaze, the union continued,  out of time in only a moment.