The Neverending Bliss of the Divine Heart

The Infinite is there for all of us to be experienced directly with every fiber of our being. After we surrender to our true nature, Bliss resonates within and without.

My spiritual heart went through an awareness progression of something like this:

“I love and adore the Divine.”


“I am the Divine, and the Divine is me.”


“I See the Divine spontaneouslt arising in every moment.”


“Everything and everyone is me, and I am them. I am One, I see only One. The One is arising.”

The last phrase/feeling of seeing all as the Divine is new, and I am still working with it. 

I went to the supermarket today. As I walked past people, I felt everyone as That  and I as them. I smiled and saw a smile greet me. The entire exchange was the Divine greeting and celebrating the Divine.

In a dream, a master came to me. He did not give a name. But he drew a picture on the ground with chalk. 

In the picture, rays of light were reflecting from an object. He said: 

“Those who feel the world as solid see a reflected world – a world that has taken the Light and filtered it through the blinders in the brain. 

A few transmit, and do not rely on scattered reflections at all.

The purest reflection of All begins, travels, and arrives within the One Heart.”

Although I hurt my back today and felt physical pain, my entire being was steeped in the Bliss of the Divine Heart. 

It takes all of us to sparkle and shine as this Heart. We can only run from our true nature for so long….

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